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Azshara Zone Q&AAzshara Zone Q&A

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  The World of Warcraft team  has published another zone preview for the upcoming expansion, Cataclysm. Well-known areas of the game will be changing dramatically when Cataclysm debuts and Azshara is not exempt. Blizzard has published an in-house interview with game designers Craig Amai and Dave Kosak about the new look of Azshara.Our team provide ….  Read More

Guild Wars 2 : ArenaNet Reveals The GuardianGuild Wars 2 : ArenaNet Reveals The Guardian

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As speculated last week, ArenaNet and NCSoft have officially unveiled the Guardian character class. We’ve got some brand new screens of the Guardian in action as well as information about special skills, weapons and virtues that this master tactician possesses. Check it out and then leave your impressions in the comments below.The most competitive Price. ….  Read More