FIFA 22 Consumable Overpriced Selling Guide

What budget do you need?

Which consumables are in demand?
Overpriced Selling always works the best with cards that are in demand.
Contracts are not in demand because everyone gets hundreds of them from free packs over the year.
Healing cards are not in demand because it’s very rare that a player gets injured and you also get them from free packs over the year.
Manager Leagues do not have demand because there are already managers for each popular league available so you don’t need an extra manager league card.
Chemistry Styles are in demand because every person wants to add the best possible chemistry styles to their players and popular chemistry styles are quite rare in packs.
Position Change cards do have the most demand from all consumables. It’s a common FUT trend that people do transform their players from a ST to a CM/CDM just to get better chemistry as it is easier to link the players. On top of that there is also the position change trading method where people transform their players to different positions.

How do you choose the right consumables to trade?
As I said, demand is the most important aspect for overpriced selling.
The easiest method to check if a consumable is in demand is the cheapest FIFA 22 coins.
A consumable that is often listed for 200 coins does not have demand because it’s the lowest possible price.
In my experience consumable overpriced selling works best with cards that are worth between 500-3000 coins. They do have demand and they are likely to sell because people need them for their own teams or for trading.

How many cards should you buy?
Usually everyone tells you to have 100 different cards for overpriced selling but that is not true for consumable overpriced selling.
The best thing to do is to choose 5 different consumables that are worth between 500-3000 coins and to buy 20 of each.
All of your 5 consumables are in demand but they all expire at the same time.
You now have the chance that 5 different consumables might sell every round and therefore you have a 5 times higher chance of a sale because you are a part of 5 different markets.
It’s also important to know why you should buy 20 of each:
People on the console do see 11 consumables on each site and people on Web App do see 20 consumables on the first site after searching for the consumable.
As we know that people are lazy they compare the prices from the first 20 cards that pop up and they decide to buy one of them – but no matter what card they choose: it’s yours.
You will also notice that 99% of your sales will be within the last few seconds because of the reasons above. People need a consumable card, they go to the market without even checking the cheapest FIFA 22 coins and they just buy one of the first “cheaper” cards.
This sounds weird for us FUT Traders because we always check the cheapest buy now from every card but a lot of lazy buyers / casuals don’t do that and this is why the method works.

How to list your cards for profit?
As I already said above: most people just have a look at the first 20 cards.
You should make at least 10 different prices for your consumables, because we want to deceive the buyer. The buyer is unaware of the lowest market price and compares your listed cards according to the lowest price, even though all cards are above the actual market value. It is also possible that the buyer simply buys the first card directly and does not even compare the price.
The listing prices are always up to you: there is just one rule.
The higher you want the profit to be – the less sales you will have.
The lower your profit is going to be – the more sales you will have.
As this is considered as a low budget method, a profit between 250-1000 coins for each card is absolutely great and I would recommend aiming for that profit.

Consumable cheapest buy now: 2000 coins
Your possible listing prices for the 20 different cards (bid/buy now):
2500/2700, 2700/2800, 2700/2900, 2800/3000, 2900/3000, 3400/3500, 3200/3300, 2700/2900, 2600/2800, 2600/2900, 2500/2800, 2700/3000, 2900/3400…..

Consumable cheapest buy now: 600 coins
Your possible listing prices for the 20 different cards (bid/buy now):
900/1000, 850/1200, 1100/1300, 850/950, 900/950, 1000/1100, 1000/1200, 850/900, 900/1100, 1200/1400, 950/1000, 1200/1300, 900/1400…
For cheaper cards I prefer to choose less profits

Most important rules

  1. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t sell a card every time you list them – patience is the key
  2. List your cards as often as possible and always for 1h – use companion app
  3. Always make sure to have 100 consumables on your transfer list
  4. Always re-buy your sold cards!