NBA 2K21: How to Shoot Better?

To shoot better, maximize your player’s ability to knock down shots and drain threes in NBA 2K21, we listed some general tips that may be helpful. Also, we sell the cheap mt 2k21, which is safe and fast. Enough nonsense, and go back to the main text.

how to shoot

1. Complete the Shooting Section of Training Camp

Take full advantage of the in-game training camp that NBA 2K provides. This will get you fully familiar with every shot type in the game so that you have several shot varieties to attack the defense in different situations.

2. Make sure to shoot in hot zones

Shooting from a hot zone or hot spot will increase the percentage of scoring, you can check your hot zone and use the Hot Zone Hunter badge to assist you.

3. Shoot with the Button Instead of Right Stick

Everyone has their preference, but we find it easier and more fluid to use the X (square for PS3/PS4) button instead of the Right Stick to shoot. On some shots, like layups or the runner/floater, the Right Stick method comes in handy a little more – but generally, the button delivers better results.

4. Turn off the Shot Meter

Don’t be afraid to alter the settings – turn off the Shot Meter – and go back to shooting with Square/X. It may be less accurate, but more consistent for how you play.

5. Disabled shot timing

You can disable shot timing and instead make the game calculate shot chance based on the player’s real-time stats.

6. Choose the right shooting badges

Best shooting badges in 2K21 including Difficult Shots, Green Machine, Hot Zone Hunter, and Range Extender.

7. Pick the Right Build

In 2K21, any build with a sub-80 3-ball probably won’t be able to shoot consistently. 80+ is a must, but the higher you go, the bigger your green and make percentages.

8. Pick the Right Jumpshot

Here are the best Jumpshots in 2K21 (hint: 98 is the best). The most important part of this is that you pick a Jumpshot and stick with it for a period of time.

9. Only Shoot Open Shots

Shooting Contested Shots will only lessen the chance you have of making a shot, so learning the contest system and shooting open shots will help you shoot better overall.

10. Off-ball movement

Getting you open to create an open target for passing and create space.

11. Don’t force shots

Do not get into the habit of forcing shots when the chance of it being a high percentage, be aware of your surroundings to then judge if you should do it.

12. Decrease Gameplay Lag

This relates to online play, as offline play is not affected by 2K’s poor servers. Ways to decrease lag are using a LAN cable or having top-notch WIFI (which can be expensive).

These are the best tips we have to help you shoot better in NBA 2K21. Besides, do you have any other suggestions? Post it in the comments and check out here for more NBA 2K21 guides, and tips.