What are the plans for Escape from Tarkov in 2021?

It was on Escape from Tarkov Reddit that Nikita, the COO of Battlestate Games, provided a brief update on the current state of Escape From Tarkov and the studio’s future plans.

Escape from Tarkov 2021 Plans

At the start of the year, as you may have noticed if you hang out on Twitch, the title has had a fairly significant resurgence of interest. Three major reasons can explain the phenomenon. The first version 0.12.9 of the game, which arrived on December 24, was accompanied by a saving wipe and an expansion of the Woods map. The conditions were therefore perfect to relaunch the title. On top of that, a few days later, on the 27th, the game went on sale for the New Year for a week. And to drive the point home, the next day, Battlestate Games once again organized a drops session on Twitch.

Escape from Takrov on Twitch

For those who have missed out, the principle is simple. You link your EFT and Twitch accounts and when you watch some streamers, you might be lucky enough to pick up precious bolts, toilet paper, or even a tactical M4 in-game. Race results, from December 28 to January 8, more than 300,000 viewers permanently on Twitch. This is called a successful operation. But there is a catch in this great story: EFT’s cardboard servers couldn’t handle the load of new players. But this is ancient history. Nikita assures us in her press release that some machines have been changed and that the problem is solved.

Escape from Tarkov Screenshots

The second thing that must have helped take the strain off the servers is the ousting of over 40,000 cheaters since the start of the year. New cheat programs, and some previously passed under the radar, are now detected. Nikita also emphasizes the importance of postponements in the process. So above all continue to shout at the cheat at the slightest opportunity, it seems effective. Finally, at the start of the year, important changes in the balance of the title have been made, and a lot of feedback has been taken into account in order to better prepare for patch 12.10 and the rest of the year.

So what are the developers of Battlestate Games doing now? Well, Nikita’s press release gives us some answers. As mentioned previously, patch 12.10 is in preparation and it should bring a lot of improvements: quality of life, network performance, AI, optimization… Everything is fine and more information should be available during the next TarkovTV live. While waiting for this major patch, hotfixes should quickly be deployed in order to resolve the concerns currently present in the game.

Since the game was released in beta, Nikita promises that they are working on the network part of the title. The goal is to reduce the worries of lag, desynchronizations, and disconnections. I can’t wait to see if Battle (nonsense) will release a new video for us on occasion. There will also be many fixes to the audio part of the game soon. And maybe one day, vertical sound localization will be something more than a distant dream …

Another big chunk on the developers’ schedule for 2021 is the switch to Unity 2019. This should allow the implementation of new visual features and optimize the game. It is true that a slightly less messy LOD would be appreciated. The graphics part of the game is one of the priorities for Battlestate Games. They aim to improve the visual appearance of the title this year.

From a gameplay perspective, the ballistics of Tarkov items are also being reworked. Penetration and ricochet chance will be changed. And you should, for example, be relatively safe behind the engine block of a car, much less behind a door. Sights and goggles are also expected to receive major changes this year, and the inertia model governing movement is also under study.

Escape from Tarkov: Streets of Tarkov

Tired of the “Kill 50 Scavs with a butt-less, sightless OPV-209 while lying down and severely dehydrated for at least 10 min” quests? The good news, work has started on a first narrative quest for the game. And speaking of Scavs, the first iteration of the Scav Karma system is in the works. Will this prevent you from killing your neighbor to steal his Tushonka and his TOZ? I have a doubt.

Finally, as far as maps are concerned, work on Streets of Tarkov is still ongoing. But something new is mentioned in this press release, the extension of the Factory card. The latter is the smallest map in the game and the only one of the “historical” maps that have not yet undergone a facelift. On this occasion, the Factory should receive a Scav boss. This should devilishly increase the difficulty of this level and its interest at the same time.