Week 14: Lions-Buccaneers Matchup On Madden NFL 18

I understand people are in low mood, some people have blamed the coaching staff, players, and even blamed the writing staff here at Pride of Detroit for being negative about the team.

The Madden simulation is here to bring us together on Saturday mornings. It’s a chance, nay, an opportunity for you to slip back into those onesie pajamas, flip on your favorite device, and watch some animation over a bowl of cereal. Take it back to the days of Saturday morning cartoons. If you have kids, teach them a thing or two about how we used to do it back in our day.

With that being said, if the Lions lose this simulation to the Bucs, Detroit is definitely missing the playoffs in real life. That’s just too much bad juju. I know we usually root for a Lions loss in the Madden sim, but I think the tide is officially turning. Plus, the virtual Bucs are just as bad as the team is in actual football, so please, make this fun and dominating, Computer Ghost of John Madden.

You can see playback, and to keep up with the conversation and join a bunch of us who love to watch Madden be Madden. these things are finally available On Demand through Twitch, so you have time to go back and check out all the action you missed out on.