NBA 2K18: Portland’s All-Time Roster And Player Ratings

NBA 2K revealed some NBA 2K18 main player ratings, at the same time, there are definitely be plenty of other new and improved game modes on this year’s edition of the game. Now, NBA 2K is trying to make major improvements to their game. Now, let’s see players ratings and other information. NBA 2K18 soon to be launched, it’s no wonder then that cheap NBA 2K18 MT for hot sale, but, be sure to access to reliable website such as U4NBA.

NBA 2K18

On Portland’s All-Time roster, we can get more player ratings details. Big Red played four seasons for the Portland Trail Blazers. His stint includes the one championship in Blazers history during the 1976-77 season. Among the Blazer All-Time team, we see Clyde Drexler (96 overall rating) and Bill Walton (95 overall rating) receive some of the highest marks in the game. For old-school player like Walton, it seem that gauging his rating is difficult, but 95 seems reasonable.

Walton, with his 95 rating, is in the company of players like Bob Cousy, Patrick Ewing and Ray Allen. Clyde Drexler on the other hand is one point above Walton at 96. The Glide played 11 and a half seasons with Portland before a trade sent him to Houston. He made eight All-Star appearances in Portland, and is clearly the best Blazer statistically speaking, the amount of career categories he leads the Blazers in is astounding.

Until now, 2K has still yet to reveal the Top 10 small forwards and shooting guards. In addition, the top 10 point guard list is pretty solid, keep an eye on U4NBA and see more player ratings. According to NBA 2K18 art director Joel Friesch, “the thing we’re most excited about is the improved player accuracy, we spent a ton of time this year making every player look and feel like their real life counterpart, down to the smallest details. “