ESO: Preview of Horns of the Reach

Obviously, dungeons and trials are the most attractive part for most fans of ESO. At the mode of Veteran, they provide most challenging PvE contact and the exclusive items in each dungeon, and the reward is also great. The developer must be of ZeniMax Online, because they’ve lunched a Dundeon Pack in the primary extension. Now there’s a new Dungeon Pack after the release of “Horns of Reach” and I’ve attempted it. Now let me share the preview to you.
Horns of the ReachFirst of all, an explanation of the content of the DLC itself. Buying Horns of the Reach gives you access to two new dungeons: Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge. Both dungeons can be found in the Craglorn area and are accessible to players who purchased the DLC in all regular ways. In addition to the tricks that can be found in the dungeons, there are also some unique achievements, a dye, an emote and a skin free, and as a cherry on the cake you can buy a new home if you know both dungeons on Veteran complete. In addition to the DLC, the additional update adds a number of minor improvements, but later on.

During my play session I had to choose which of the two dungeons I would like to try. With Skyrim still quite fresh in memory, I chose to see how it was in Falkreath. As you do not do a dungeon on my own, I was accompanied by some ZeniMax Online employees during my adventure at Falkreath Hold. My party consisted of Mike Finnigan, Dungeon Lead Designer, Jeremy Sear, Lead Content Designer and Rich Lambert, Creative Director. Besides the fact that the gentlemen helped me to defend the dungeon’s dangers, they also pointed to a number of small easter eggs hidden in the dungeon.

Falkreath Hold begins on the road to the town of Falkreath itself, where you encounter a wounded man who tells you that the city is currently being attacked by Reachmen and Minotaurs. What is immediately noticeable is that your opponents in Horns of the Reach are a lot more ingenious than in most dungeons. The Reachmen await you in obstructions that can only be seen if you keep your eyes open. The bosses themselves make sure that you are well aware of your attention, as they have many AoE attacks that you must avoid (to be a Veteran) to stay alive.

Different boss has different size. In order to against a Minotaur captain, an Bone Colossus ; I can put team in Falkreath Hold. And the the finally we have to face the biggest boss: Domihaus the Bloody-Horned, the Minotaur chief. Comparing with other final bosses, the fighting arena is small and claustrophobic. Even so there’s no impact to you, because you can make full use of your environment to escape his dangerous attacts. In fact most bosses in Falkreath Hold know more then one combat mechanics, so you can learn more if you defeat them.