FFXIV Gamers Expresses Their Discontent For The Shortage Of Housing

In Final Fantasy XIV, due to the lack of houses available for gamers to buy, hence, discontent has been simmering for years among fans of the game. As reported, the online role playing game’s virtual world is facing an acute housing shortage. Especially for when gamers realized just two gamers owned 28 pieces of prime virtual real estate, they have been became outright anger.

Final Fantasy XIV

The game, which has existed in various forms since 2010, introduced houses 2011. Producer Naoki Yoshida emphasised fair land distribution when the online property was made available. However since then houses have become out of reach for many ordinary players with costs spiralling up as speculators and players prepared to invest large amounts of time or money into the game monopolised property. How to face this issue that the shortage of housing? more details and new updated content, click for source.

Making the housing market into a real market would be a good start. Let people put deeds up on the market board with some limitations or create a new kind of market board entirely. Some players have houses for themselves, as well as an apartment, and they might even have an alt with property, too. But adding a one property per account limit would do nothing unless applied retrospectively, and nobody will tolerate housing being taken away from them.

Each of gamers are eager to get larger and pretty housing in the game, however, even if someone would say they didn’t read the patch notes and complain when their house got demolished. However, what we need is housing with different requirements that forces people either let go of what they have or miss out on something new. If you are short of Final Fantasy XIV Gil & FFXIV Power Leveling, and you will lose chance to be a winner.