Dark Souls 3 patch will adjust the game’s “poise” stat

Since it release captured Dark Souls 3 has confused and disappointed fans a single small area: its “poise” stat is tweaked in a manner that nobody understands. This may be fixed in the upcoming patch, due this Friday, that intentions to adjust this variable.

See, in the past Dark Souls games poise affected the gamer character’s reply to getting hit. If your armour or shield were built with a strong poise value, this means you wouldn’t stagger when struck with a heavy blow. In Dark Souls 3, however, even heavy weapons and armour rich in poise would get smacked around likewise as people with low-poise equipment.

Many believed this to become a bug, though publisher Bandai Namco told Kotaku upon release that “The poise stat is employed as intended” which “the stat works differently when compared to past games and is also more situational, which is apparently the reason for the confusion.”

Indeed poise does affect one’s susceptibility towards staggering in Dark Souls 3, yet it’s only strongly related context-sensitive animations. The following video by YouTuber tallbeardedone stated poise affects one’s chance to complete panic or anxiety attack, even when struck mid-animation.

According towards the Dark Souls 3 wiki, player’s have a very certain invisible poise value that decreases everytime they’re attacked, using the poise valuation on the weapon hitting them, and when their poise-value decreases to zero, are going to staggered even though it’s in the middle of a panic attack animation and perhaps they are wearing heavy gear. Allegedly one’s poise value also refreshes every a short period or so.

Confusing, right?

Well, the upcoming 1.08 patch will “Adjust poise values along the board” making it so “Poise is actually more effective for heavier weapons and armour.”

It feels like it’s still not planning to work what did in past Dark Souls games, where poise was easier to experiment with and understand, but it really will hopefully morph it into a more useful statistic.

This might be just the thing to obtain us ready for Dark Souls 3’s impending Ashes of Ariandel DLC, due Tuesday 25th October.

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