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Follow rs gold YouTuber’s Old School progress in this first of many video updates as he works towards a maxed ‘zerker’ in Old School RuneScape. Good luck, Bidoof!Inside you’ll find handfuls of threads for both buying and selling anything and everything you could ever need in the Old School game! If you’re more of a merchant than a skiller, then you’ll likely be interested in their Old School RuneScape Price Guide and then gain  rs gold  via credit card. Sourcing prices straight from the community of runescapegold2007, it’s a must-have guide for anybody in need of a bargain!

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Thanks to you, the poll has far exceeded 250,000 votes, meaning there will be a small development team working on Old School RuneScape. Nonetheless, we want to hear your feedback on how we make future changes to the service!
We’ve already been making small fixes and tweaks to the Old School servers and there’s plenty to more to come!It may only be a short time after the launch of Old School RuneScape, but that hasn’t stopped the fansites getting involved! For those of you who are already racking up Old School XP, you’ll certainly want to head on over to Zybez.net and take part in their Achievement Skilling Competition!
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