FFXIV The people pillar

Reader Eri had this observation while playing a recent beta: “Firefall seems to have quite a few community events regularly going on and it always amuses me at the end how it devolves into the ancient art of people stacking. This tower was during the stress test a month or so ago after a few invasions had finished. There were a lot of people around and a rival tower was being built in Sunken Harbour as well. Everyone was laughing and having a lot of fun, talking in chat while serving as a human pillar, and there was usually a dance party going on at the bottom of it. While this one did get big, apparently the dastardly Sunken Harbour Folks beat us.”

Are you ready to jump into the people pile? If so, FFXIV Gil we’ve got more for you after the break!

It’s good to remember that even if you’re just checking out a game or spending a couple of days in beta, there’s always the opportunity to take and pass along a few pictures! Reader gets the One Shots golden star this week for going deep into Mog country and coming back with proof.

How are MMOs different than real life? There are many answers to that question, but our opening screenshot today reminds me that I don’t actively seek to run into a sweaty, heaving mass of humanity just because they’ll provide localized healing and damage boosts. Everyone always tries to use that excuse at conventions, and all I come away with is an intestinal debuff.