WOW Brewfest Basics

Brewfest is located outside of Orgrimmar and Ironforge. It started September 20th, 2009 in WoW and runs for 2 weeks until October 4th. It’s an homage to Oktoberfest which is held in Germany and starts two weeks before the end of the first Sunday in October. Oktoberfest is a beer festival in Munich, Germany that’s emulated across the world as a great excuse to enjoy a lot of fine food and booze. In WoW, it’s a great way to get some easy epic items and to get some awesome achievements.

Where to go, how to find it, and what does it give ya.

Brewfest uses a unique currency called [Brewfest Prize Tokens] that are awarded through various events and quests. These tokens can be turned in for some awesome souvenirs and some items that’ll work towards the Brewfest achievements.

Speaking of achievements, there is a total of 10 achievements (one which can’t be completed for a whole year, but doesn’t count towards the meta-achievement) and one additional meta-achievement. All together that’s 110 points and the title “Brewmaster” to tack on to your name.

The events that take place involve ram racing (both a race to get barrels and barking runs), going into Blackrock Depths to fight a boss, and a few other generalized quests.

There is a pair of free glasses given by an NPC that’ll put you in a drunk state which is useful for some of the quests.