WOW druid options

WOW druid options
Having a druid gives you options. If you want to tank right now, but want to heal or DPS in the future? You can do that, and do it well, without rolling a new character.

Shapeshifting is just plain fun, and PvPers will definitely appreciate not being hindered by polymorphs or movement impairing effects.

Druids are the only class other than rogue that can stealth. While there are some items that offer temporary invisibility, it’s not quite the same as a rogue or druid sneaking around in stealth. So if stealth gameplay appeals to you but you’re not interested in a rogue, druids are a solid option.

You can look to druid icon Alamo for life advice. Wow Gold (Though whether you want to is another matter entirely.)

And, on the flip side, here are some signs that maybe druid isn’t the class for you:

While a druid’s flexibility can be great, it can also be a huge nuisance to collect the right gear and be familiar with all your abilities so you can play different class roles. If you’re not interested in playing multiple roles, a class that focuses the one thing you want to do may suit you better.