New role story final fantasy 14: reborn new NPCS background details set

Final fantasy 14: reborn V2.0 in mainland greatly improved Eorzea original content, exploring new Garlean empire of the story at the same time, also added a new character set of details. The role of the following blue word part is the latest related setting, from the related description in words we can have better understanding on the new role. Minfilia: women of a keen interest in the supernatural, gentle appearance, inner strong determination, her mission is to seek salvation hero and helping them to bring back peace. Thancred: a man claiming to be poets and dreamers, often found in Thanalan wilderness areas. Under his glorious appearance hides a lot of secrets, the most good at using dagger skill. Yda: a young female boxer, often Papalymo appeared together with your partner. Her naive frivolous carefree, once the fighting will always stand up to protect our friends. Papalymo: cynical youth, although the shape is petite, knowledgeable, have a bright and cheerful disposition, and Yda are close friends. Y ‘shtola: beautiful and mysterious women, often in La Noscea area activities, she mastered the ancient language of unknown, is by no means an ordinary ordinary people. Louisoix: a respected leader, he is from the far north of the island Sharlayan, mysteriously disappeared for guarding temple to prevent disaster. Urianger: he is scholar and a prophet Elezen race, predicted the coming of the disaster, the master has a mysterious words. Alphinaud & Alisaie: a pair of young twin sisters, one is full of self-confidence, a strong will, they have a steadfast determination on target. Cid: prestigious engineer, living al hereby created named after their iron works, and to share his knowledge and skills with the locals, to fight once played for the threat of the empire.

Part a screenshot:

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