Why playing runescape Why playing runescape

It’s hard to explain exactly why I enjoy playing RuneScape. Heck, it can sometimes be hard enough to find gamers my age who would even give the game a try. Many are dead set on maintaining a state-of-the-art gaming machine, so why waste it on a browser-based game? Actually, there are so many reasons, I hope I could get to it all in one piece. Bear in mind that I really have no “main” game to call home. I have browser bookmarks for literally over 100 games, and I’m always on the hunt for more. If I am gaming, it’s usually for the sake of writing about the game.
The first word that comes to my mind when I think of RuneScape is details. I’m a sucker for details. I love the parts that make up the whole of an MMO. We players often forget how detailed our favorite worlds can be. Sure, we can chalk a lot of burnout to our own efforts to repeat the same content over and over, but once in a while you find a game that seems to go on and on. Burnout rarely, if ever, comes with these special titles.

I can log into RuneScape and find a new quest or place to explore every time. The strange thing is that the size of the land mass in game is really not that impressive. There are no mounts in the game because players can successfully travel by walking. Of course, teleporting across the landscape is now easier than ever, but it’s just as easy to hoof it. I find myself often preferring to walk only because I know I’ll come across some new quest or interesting NPC. I mean it when I say that, too. I’ve said it before but the game world feels much more like one of those incredible miniature train sets that appear at malls or at toy conventions during the holidays. There seems to be life in those tiny worlds, stories being told by the tiny citizens. It’s cozy, inviting, but still mysterious and magical.