Club Neverdie Announced Club Neverdie Announced

A new virtual world called Club Neverdie has been announced as an upcoming addition to the Next Island group. Club Neverdie was announced by developer Jon Jacobs who recently made headlines by selling the first iteration of Club Neverdie (Entropia Universe) for over $600,000 USD. Club Neverdie is dedicated to the memory of Jacobs’s deceased fiance and a her virtual avatar will be a major part of the new Club Neverdie.

One of the stunning central locations found at the new Club NEVERDIE is the exotic Tiki beach resort with private houses and ‘The Island Girl Spa’ dedicated to Tina Leiu, who was known in the online gaming world as the avatar, ‘Island Girl’. Jacobs explains how he has kept Tina’s spirit alive in his new virtual destination. “Tina was a beautiful Samoan Princess and, in addition to her career as a singer and actress, was also a licensed therapist and healer. One of her unfulfilled dreams was to open a Spa in American Samoa where her family was from. By creating ‘The Island Girl Spa” at Club NEVERDIE, I’m able to in some way fulfil her last ambition. We’ve also created an Avatar in her likeness and she automatically revives anyone who dies gaming on the island, bringing another level of meaning to the name Club NEVERDIE. For me the return of Island Girl at the new Polynesian Club NEVERDIE brings everything full circle and represents an important statement to the online community and the world; that virtual reality is the place where we can transcend death, perhaps not on a literal level right now, but very possibly in the future. I plan to continue to lay the foundation for that future with the virtual worlds developed by NEVERDIE Studios.”We are a specialized, professional and reliable online supplier for guild wars  2 gold selling. We have been supplying fast and cheap guild wars  2  gold to our loyal andreliable customers for 7 years. If you want to buy guild wars  2  gold or get the latest news of cheap guild wars  2  gold, please come here. We provide not only the mostcompetitive price but also the safest delivery and the best service for your cheap wow gold. Hope you enjoy buying guild wars  2  gold.