From Shadowbane to Wizard 101, Part TwoFrom Shadowbane to Wizard 101, Part Two


KingsIsle Entertainment’s Josef Hall writes this developer journal continuing his series that compares Shadowbane, his last project and Wizard 101, his current project. While there are many differences between the two, there are also similarities.

From Shadowbane to Wizard101 – the lessons I’ve learned developing two MMOs and spending nearly a decade in the online game space.

As the Senior Director of Software Engineering at KingsIsle Entertainment, the independent developer behind Wizard101, I have a lot to say about MMO technology (and game technology in general). Before I dive into those details, I wanted to focus on a few higher level lessons – the ones I consider most important to the success of a project. In this installment, I’ll cover the lessons we learned the hard way and the scars to show for it. I’ve divided them into three major areas: Vision and Focus, Quality and Polish, and Pushing Beyond Expectations.