State of the Game Letter State of the Game Letter


Age of Conan Game Director Craig Morrison returns with this month’s State of the Game letter. This latest entry to the long running series discusses the recently launched Rise of the Godslayer expansion, before looking ahead and teasing us with some bits of information on the game’s future.

So what can players look forward to now that Godslayer is out the door? In the near term, players will see smaller updates focused on expanding , including the addition of new quests to the Khitai region as well as myriad other tweaks and fixes.

Further out, though, the Conan team is working on the next stages of the Tier 4 raids, which will incorporate the storyline introduced with the Godslayer expansion, and they are also looking to introduce additional group instances to Paikang.

Funcom will also move on some more technical oriented tasks, such as updating the Dreamworld engine (the engine Conan is based on), which should result in improvements to the DX10 client.

PvP changes are in the pipe as well, which will include  a number of tweaks, more specifically to the Shrines of Bori. Funcom is also looking to streamline the mini-game queueing process so as to result in “fairer fights”, and they’re even looking into cross-server PvP mini-games.  Craig does caution that the latter presents them with a number of technical challenges, so don’t count your chickens yet, but they are definitely working on it.

Rounding things out, they will be working on additions in respones to community feedback and dev wish-list items, which include vanity armor, additional bank options, class issues, updates to the GUI, and more.