Republic Companions PreviewRepublic Companions Preview


As the next Star Wars: The Old Republic beta weekend looms close,’s Bill Murphy, Garrett Fuller, Mike Bitton, and Chris Higgin had an opportunity to chat with one another about their experiences with companions during their game time recently. They’ve got a few thoughts to share with you about companions so keep reading! What are you most looking forward to companions-wise in SWTOR? Let us know in the comments!

Rest assured, those who are worried, that while companions are a main facet of the game, it’s not hard at all to manage them, and it doesn’t make the game suddenly “single-player” because the companions won’t fulfill the need of having more people on harder missions. What they do is add to the story experience the same way characters add to the story of Mass Effect or KotOR. And while it is a little silly to see dozens of Coros Riggses or Aric Jorgans running around, there is some customization to help make them look somewhat different from player to player. Still, it’s a significant thing to mention: everyone has companions, in the beginning you’ll all have the same ones, and it’s a bit weird to see people running around with doting clones. That said, we each feel that the depth of characterization and gameplay is enhanced by having them at your side, so it’s really a double-edged sword.