Wurm Online : Review in Progress #1Wurm Online : Review in Progress #1






Wurm Online has been a long time in the making so it will come as no surprise that we’re working our way through the most current ‘gold’ build of the game building up to our final review in a few weeks. See what we’ve got to say about our earliest steps in Wurm Online then join the conversation in the comments.
Lining up for the side of sand castles and dreams is Wurm Online. A fully transmutable, build-athon, with skills, thrills, and wild crocodiles that will give you many a “heavy bruise”. Since 2003 this MMORPG has been in development, entering beta in 2006, and finally maturing into a fully fledged example of what one can achieve with Java, a few ideas, and a shovel.


The conceit of Wurm Online is simple. There are no heroes here, not a single evil terraforming dragon, or even a busty elf in sight: you are as ordinary here as you might be in reality. The goal is to simply survive, and maybe if you have time, do a tiny bit of flourishing to boot.


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