WOW game and expansions on 50% sale

World of Warcraft game and expansions on 50% sale

It’s almost time for the Thunder King! As the embodiment of World of Warcraft’s patch 5.2, the Thunder King is hopefully maybe probably going to be released late this month. In preparation, Blizzard has put a 50% discount on all World of Warcraft games — that’s the Battle Chest, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria. Naturally, this makes now an excellent time to pick it up and take a look-see if you’ve been wondering what 10 million subscribers could have gotten all worked up about.

What is true of WoW these days is most decidedly NOT true of “most other MMOs.”   WoW stands alone in terms of the negative aspects you cite.

“Most other MMOs” today feature connective content:  what you experience today is the result of organic growth out of what has come before.  There is no child-like, easy-mode (meaning:  boring) fast-leveling through the old stuff until you hit the current expansion.

“Most other MMOs” today challenge you from the first hour of play time and take care to deliver an experience that builds upon itself, where the new skill I learn & experiment with today will become crucial at some point later in the game.

“Most other MMOs” do feature an enormous amount of humor and even self-depreciation.  What most other MMOs do not do is to devalue and simplify their content  down to the point where second graders can & do play through it with ease.

Finally,”Most other MMOs” feature fairly complex talent & ability systems that emphasize player choice and individuality.  Copy-and-paste was always an option with the WoW  franchise, but it was just that:  an option.  These days, WoW issues standardized, cookie-cutter spec builds which is QUITE unlike “Most other MMOs.”More game service please click: WOW Gold.

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