Winter Weekends: Snowman Raids

Every Saturday and Sunday in December has been a Winter Weekend for members, each with their own themed bonus!

For the final weekend, it’s time to take on some snowman raids! An army of snowmen is muscling in on prominent locations across RuneScape’s members’ worlds, and it’s up to you to take them down! Not only will you do battle against a full-blown snowman invasion, you also stand a chance of picking up some valuable drops.

The snowman onslaught will descend upon the following locations:
Varrock, south of the Grand Exchange
Falador, near the south gate
Lumbridge, outside the cow field
Ardougne market
Camelot, near the teleport spot
Gnome Stronghold, outside the Grand Tree
The snowmen will be raiding every hour, on the hour from Saturday 29th December 00:00 GMT until Sunday 30th December 23:59 GMT.
got 100 mahog planks of 1 kill, junk of the rest of the kills I had, pretty much impossible to get many kills with the # of cannon people there are.

Seems like a waste of a weekend to me not that I took part in the last 2 weekends either though.
It’s not even the cannons, its the stupid tagging mechanic. Atleast in camelot, a cannon isn’t really all that helpful because of all the trees where the snowmen spawn. Even if I do 1500/2000 damage some lv 110 who does essentially no damage will get the kill.
Another Epic Fail event by Jagex. Everyone has cannons out and you cant even click on a snowman. Why does Jagex bother doing these events is beyond me but its a fail like their other holiday events. Another fail and this time its big because their are like 100 + at one location (( that is not a raid )). And you cant even click on a Snowman. So why bother going to this fail event ?
Well, this event wasn’t as good as I expected it. It’s a shame, too. I was really looking forward to this event. 

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