WildStar : The Galactic ArchivesWildStar : The Galactic Archives






The latest WildStar Wednesday has arrived with information about the in-game ‘Galactic Archive’. The Galactic Archive is a listing of any information the player might need to know including locations, flora/fauna, notable NPCs, factions and much more. Entries in the Galactic Archive are unlocked simply by playing the game and exploring the WildStar universe.


The Galactic Archives are an encyclopedic repository of lore that will describe the many creatures, people, places, and things you’ll meet on the planet Nexus. While we have many ways to tell stories and reveal lore while you play the game, the Archives are where all of that information will be stored for your perusal.


While you’re exploring the Archives, you’ll also notice that many of the articles therein are connected to one another. An article about the Skeech, for example, will probably contain a specific link to the nasty Coldburrow Skeech tribe that lives in the Northern Wilds.



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