Webzen Confirmed That MU Legend’s Official Release Had Began

MU Legend has quite a rich content, in order to make players satisfied. MU Legend has officially reached the community of gamers around the world on November 7 and immediately became one of the most “hot” products of the time on the world. As we know, MU Legend is an immersive online role-playing game developed in full 3D graphics with a variety of designs influenced by the Diablo franchise. With the popularity of MU Legend, players are encouraged to buy MU Legend Zen.

MU Legend

The first game of the franchise – MU Online – had its release in 2001. It’s been nearly 16 years since the month that marked the beginning of a very long journey, one that still influences millions of players around the globe. Compared with the first MU Online version released two decades ago, MU Legend has a sharper graphics, more realistic effects and more majestic. The character system in this online game is also changed with a lot of differences compared to the first version.

With MU Origin, Webzen has successfully proven that it is possible to convert big PC MMOs into smartphone/tablet games. Webzen confirmed that MU Legend’s official release had began with an open beta phase starting on November 7th, 2017. The game continues the saga in true MMOARPG style, delivering exciting gameplay and diverse content that be sure to touch the heart of every MU fan.

Webzen is currently working on the releases of PC MMORPG MU Legend. MU Online was released to the pure happiness of hordes of fans all around the world. This marked the birth of the MU Franchise globally. While staying true to the essence of the MU franchise, MU Legend comes with its own flavor and richness for players to discover. To provide the best game experience for players, we have managed to sell cheap and safe mu legend zen on U4GM.