They are paladin Naadir, Kungen Horoz,

Now that we’ve talked about pre-expansion and Theramore, there’s one thing I really felt Cataclysm missed out on, and that’s Arathi Highlands. Frankly, with zones like the Eastern and Western Plaguelands, Hillsbrad/Alterac and Silverpine all heavily redesigned, Arathi sticks out like a sore thumb. Yes, I’m arguing that even more time should have been spent on a pre-sixty zone in an expansion that split its focus too much between zone revamps and new content, but hear me out before getting the torches and pitchforks ready.


I’m not arguing that they should have done more with Arathi in addition to all the zones they revamped. I specifically think certain zones like Desolace and Feralas could have done with less (especially Desolace, which just seems odd nowadays) and Arathi could have seen some of that development time. There are hints of this in the zone, with the Forsaken establishing a camp to the west with Galen Trollbane raised as a Forsaken. Frankly, there was a lot of potential for Horde/Alliance conflict here that really didn’t get realized. We have Danath Trollbane, who really should long since have gotten to come home and set his family’s house in order, and Galen the risen servant of Sylvanas seeking to bring the oldest human kingdom on Azeroth into the undead fold. Symbolically, whoever controls Stromgarde holds the history of humanity on Azeroth in their hands.


I also believe that it’s long past time that we get a five man dungeon out of the ancient Trollbane vaults and the treasures that would have collected there after the Troll Wars. Forsaken would want to claim those for Sylvanas, Horde troll players would want to keep them out of anyone’s hands because most of them were either seized from trolls or designed to be used against them, and the Alliance would want them both for the prestige and as weapons to use against the Horde. In the end, the lack of development in Arathi was, in my eyes, the biggest loss in terms of what might have been in the entire Cataclysm.Battlefield
Low-level battlefield will bring into an “enlarge” mechanism. Players are fighting in low-level battlefield, their basic properties and skills will be enlarged to this battlefield’s upper limit. But hit, crit, miss’s judge will be regarded as same level.
As for the lost teams in related battle ground, they will also gain some conquer points. The points will be decided by their final score. If the lost teams are edged, they will gain 200 points at most.
Legendary items
In addition, 5.2 black prince’s reward will be a strong “legend level colorful gem”. But not the former “head enchant”.
A new spirit beast is added, which only exists in Pandaria–Soul porcupine
Two-handed sword、hammer、axe will be changed mutual.
Single-handed sword、hammer、axe will be changed mutual.
Pole weapons and Wand will be changed mutually.
5.0 courage equipment’s price will be cheap 50%.
5.1 courage equipment’s price will be cheap 25%.
Reputation interface will show whether players’ Pandaria reputations have bought and used reputation addition rewards.
Players, groups, teams and goal interfaces will add a function to show absorb affect.Lightning speed
4 dwarfs makes a team to kill dragon. They are paladin Naadir, Kungen Horoz, DK Anude and thief Kaul. After opening monster, milk druid falls down and the sword is no endurance and can’t be added blood. Warrior is anxious and then run to dragon’s tail to pull monster. At last, he is winded up by dragon. Because warrior didn’t use hatred, dark knight OT is killed by dragon’s breathe. At last, thief opens dodge to kill BOSS.
Comment: actually, it is a DPS speed push war. Thief is full equipped and within dodging time, it breaks up the max DPS and kill BOSS, so it called lightning speed. Other people are useless.
Three tragedies
The night elf second generation rich man Paramount who came across the second poor generation bar waitress Lester and they fell in love at first sight. The man sent her delicate music box, a box delicate animals to the girl. At the 24 ages birthday of the girl, he sent silver gem-set hairpins as birthday present to her. At last, they girl also loves the boy so deeply. But at this moment, the boys’ parents stopped their relationship because of different social positions. The female elf came out resentment to his parents. He cut the stag’s head which symbolizes male elf’s family to let out hate. But because of family’s pressure, the boy has to break up with the girl and the girl drunk forest spider’s poison and died. 

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