There are a lot of reasons

From this we can see, happy accountant’s wow life is only killing monsters. But happy accountant’s specialty is “SOLO beats monster to die”. There are a lot of reasons: happy accountant only uses a little wooden club and he is not good at physical attack; his attack magic is not good enough and costs a lot of mana; his Ping values is often around thousands, so he has to go to heaven after keep the priest’s status for 30 seconds; the reason why he upgrades so slowly is he doesn’t know a lot of people in wow. But the most important reason is before he was cursed by priest players in crowd, no one realized the “cool spring water” which is fallen down by killing monster is used for adding Mana, but not HP.

After the 12 level warlock and four 11 levels accessories died over 5 times in the valley, happy accountant decided to read new player guide carefully. There is one rule in there: in order to happy and relax to accomplish all tasks, you need to find a fellow at least. So i fell down Thunder Valley and hided at the gate to wait for my fellow. It was around 1 am at that time, most players were sleeping, so the happy accountant was very worry. Finally, a 12 level troll priest came to him, i typed some words “would you like to join me?” “no|’, he answered. His first plan of organizing group was failed.