The WildStar spotlights Chua and Mordesh celebrities

WildStar reveals Chua and Mordesh celebrities

The buzz around the WildStar watercooler this past week is all about the final two racial reveals for the game: the Chua and the Mordesh. Carbine thinks that players might relate better to these… odd races if each has a face to put with its name, which is why the studio is introducing us to Mondo Zax and Victor Lazarin.

Mondo was the runt of a Chua family who used his brilliance and psychopathic ways to off his family and secure a job as Chief Technologist for one of the Dominion’s R&D firms. While crazy and cranky, Mondo has followed his ingenuity to Nexus, where he continues to research horrible tools of mass destruction from an orbital station around the planet.

So go figure that the space zombie is actually the more peaceful of the two. Victor is the guy responsible for the Mordesh’s undead status, as an eternal life serum he devised ended up cursing his race instead. Victor’s been trying to atone for his actions by slowing the contagion and looking for ways to reverse it entirely with the revelations coming out of Nexus.

That would be a pretty major step forward, if Carbine wrote their lore so that the Chua only went by genders if they chose to or otherwise had a strong identification one way or another.  It’s also possible that the story’s not told from a Chua perspective and therefore the writer assigned a gender.  That sort of thing seems to happen quite a bit when dealing with genderless beings in fiction….now that I think about it, it happens in real life too.  The mechanics at my dealership constantly refer to my car as “she”, and I know I’ve looked under the hood and found no sign of anything gender-specific.More making Wildstar gold tips click here

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