The specific way: the most possible way is SS in front

Onyxia: it is the most classical trick in the BOSS of WOW, because it is the first large team copy BOSS in WOW history. What makeing all people astonishment is that the age that WOW as Internet game is coming.
MC: standing at current point of view, MC’s BOSS maybe an old routine, but on the other hand, most subsequent BOSSes imitate the old routines, so it is no need to discuss it.
ZUG: full skill hakkar. You can face with final BOSS without killing any warrior, but you will see all little warriors’ skills at final BOSS.
RAQ: blu. It is the first time that BOSS doesn’t need to stare at MT, but marking chasing people and beat them.
BWL: Chromaggus, the first random skill BOSS.
TAQ: Viscidus, which is so exotic. Who knows how he was designed.
NAXX: Patchwerk. After the design of BLZ, the famous hatred hit was abused to be used a lot of times such as BT2 HP blowing. The exotic kite tactical told us, BOSS also can be played in this way.
NAXX: Thaddius. Passing or not, it is depended on the wonder BOSS.Burning expeditionary

The Burning Crusade
KLZ: opera house. The first randomization of BOSS.
BT: Strygwyr. There are numerous of calling skills, but this call is firstly seen. .
BT: Reliquary of Souls. Iit is first introduced in battle to treat invalid mode.
BT: Sand Hera silk mistress. Another exotic calling way and after the later yogurt war, the queen of war has a lot of cheap copies.

The Wrath of Lich King
TOC: Anub’arak. It is common that full screen AOE dedicate blood and it is also not rare that dedication and collect blood are also not rare. But like Bauer, which must brush blood, but cannot follow one’s inclinations brush blood mechanism freely, it is definitely new and fresh.
ICC: gunboat war. The only one method that firing a gun can pass BOSS’s BOSS.
ICC: dream on the thinking ways, Valley. Absolute a brand new combat system.

The combination of priest and mage is undoubtedly the strongest and terrible one. They have strong control and consume ability. At that day, i was 2200 level, but was stuck at this combination. I still remember clearly the opponent’s SS has 17500 blood and MS has 15300 blood. Though the blood is after adding BUF, for us we still couldn’t contend. But now the circumstance is different. The stronger SS taking baby is a dog, as its silence and eating BUF ability. If you want to beat this combination, there is only one way, it is explosion. If you try your best, but still not beat it, you should go back behind of the pillar or try to far away from it. Getting rid of battle to add blue and prepare next battle. Maybe someone say JJC is always outputting fire, why i must go back. This doubt is very common. I only say if you don’t kill them in one time, you will die, as you don’t have explosion.

The specific way: the most possible way is SS in front, MS is behind of pillar, let dog follow FS. Once the dog comes, kill it right away. If your opponent is weak, you can kill it in one round. But there is a premise of my way, which is on the condition of your opponent is addicted into perfect, don’t let it narcism. Killing the dog, you could get its silence and eating BUF. Keep hiding behind of pillar and waiting for dog. Another note, when QS vs SS, QS’s sanctions confession can stay at interrupt his reading strip. If the max converge doesn’t kill SS, just withdraw, as it is only seconds MS control. Once MS gets rid of control and add blood to SS. Our skills are still in CD, it is impossible to kill SS.

The standard double treatment combination’s most important feature is energy consumption. The combination is not strong, as its output is limit. Four treatments, MS, little D, NQ, SM. MS is the most common treatment can’t get rid of its group driving. Little druid is hardly to be killed among the four treatments. NQ has invincible, gives protection to teammates and free movement. MS has bloodthirsty, but in my opinion, SM is the easiest one to be killed. It is not bias for SM players, but this design maybe put LR and SM into “cold palace”. In the four treatment, the fist one to be killed is SM, then depending on opponents’ blood and choose next goal. Please notice, when beating double treatment, don’t give opponent any chance to gasp. Beating them to die in one round, especially little druid.

At last, i want to say the general situation. The opponent’s battle array only has three kinds: Double output, double treatment, single treatment and output. I believe you will have some opinions after reading this article or basic knowing. If you want to become high class, you need to know every battle array. 

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