The Sith Empire Camps in Star Wars: the Old Republic

Warriors—to become the savage warrior through the anger and hatred Advanced professional (10 levels): Juggernaut and Marauder in swtor credits.

Juggernaut: the strong defenders of sith empire dominate has expressed the teaching of LaGeNuo Makati, and through the heavy armor and pure anger to face the enemies.

Marauder: with entrust of the opponent of destroy empire; the double predator is reflect of naga without hesitate and lysias, in the galaxy nobody can bring sorrow like him.

Sith assassin: assassin jumped out from the shadows, through their release lightning from two-edged sword to make their enemy disability and run out of energy. They are trick master, even the worst enemy will afraid of them.

Sith necromancer: absorb deep energy from witchcraft, completely master the skills of failure, sucking up to the enemy, encourage the enemy or supplely destroy.

Bounty Hunter—a Bounty Hunter strong independence and always finish the job. Advanced professional (10 levels): Powertech and Mercenary.

Powertech: the strongest shield, defensive tactics and high-powered flame thrower carbine makes Powertech become a strong personal blockade, and can easily approach and single abolish the entire enemy.

Mercenary: a pair of blasting gun, deadly heat track missiles and heavy armor let mercenaries become a mobile weapons platform, extra firepower also no problem. 

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