The Secret World : Deck System IntroducedThe Secret World : Deck System Introduced



The good folks at have a new interview with Funcom’s Martin Bruusgaard about the deck system that will be utilized in The Secret World.
The complexity of the “freeform progression” that The Secret World uses, the team thought that perhaps a “Deck” would give players guidance in how to actively combine skills to form synergy. Each society will have ten decks available and players will receive a spiffy outfit when completed. Of course, this shouldn’t rule out experimenting on one’s own to find the perfect combination a player is looking for:

I believe a lot of players will take a look at the decks when they start playing, and start working towards one. This process has some great treats to it, since we can use it as a tool to teach players the different layers of synergy. Players will soon realize that, in many cases, wielding two weapons is optimal. Later they will realize that the abilities have synergy through the state system, meaning that an ability can do X, but if target is in state Y the X AND Z happens.



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