The Repopulation : Looking Ahead at 2013The Repopulation : Looking Ahead at 2013




The team behind The Repopulation has posted a look ahead at the plans for 2013. Most notably, the target for the beginning of closed beta testing is Spring 2013, with the full release of the game when it’s in a polished and ready state. Additionally, the team is promising more news releases and more frequent updates about The Repopulation. Devs will be attending PAX Prime to show off the game as well.
Now, looking forward to 2013 our first major milestone that is quickly approaching is closed Beta. We are not to the point where we can announce a date yet, but our best statement on the timeframe is Spring 2013, with release tentatively scheduled for the end of the year. We are not under any major deadline, pressure, or financial duress to release by a certain date or time so we want to make sure the game is ready to go when we set an official release date. This will of course depend on how well the Beta goes and the feedback we receive. Our top priority is to ensure that the game launches in a polished and solid state.