The producer of swtor is very satisfied with the current situation and they will increase the content of PvP

Swtor credits are like the moon, and it is in a full moon that did not appear the trend of lack month. The designer of Bioware Daniel Erickson said: the news about star wars: the old republic released outside is not mature and totally wrong!

Erickson said that after the 1.2 upgrade version and “Rakghoul Outbreak” large activity in the game, the player’s enthusiasm is more and more high, the player’s activities is also increase gradually. At present, the Bioware is trying their best to let players happy. He said that players are very interested in the road that selected currently. Nowadays we are finishing the necessary content and characteristics in the game. Then we can focus on creating some creative of world events.”

Erickson still said that the activities in the game can make the game keep “organic”, at the same time, they learn the lesson that wow losing players gradually. The produce members try to make the game become more and more interesting not boring and dull!

Finally, Erickson introduced that swtor credits has a large number of PVP lovers, so their team will devote much resources to the PvP. And at the same time Bioware also mobilized a lot of producing members to game content that players like 

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