The most Valuable Items Introduction about Swtor 1.2 Patches

With the release of 1.2 patches of swtor credits, there are a lot of new contents and the modification of existing content waiting for you. One of the players more aware of is the equipment. What are the new items? And what changes of the game will affect the account of existing players? Now let’s look at the most valuable equipment.

Speed-up machine: all people like speed-up machine, because they can help you to move quickly from one place to another place. Speed-up machine make players can buy the equipment firstly. The first reason that I put it in the 1.2 patch is the speed-up machine has experience a big modification. Now tuition to learn to use the speed-up machine is very high. In 1.2 patches, learning costs sharply down, but the price increase. Level 50 speed-up machine will be very expensive.

Black holes and campaign PvE armor: our second equipment is the armor suit of the latest game over PvE–black holes and campaign. These two sets of armor can use black holes or campaign medal emblem purchase. Black holes can be gained in Palace nightmare difficulty and campaign for the new badge events of Explosive Conflict mode drop. Difficult Battle armor pieces need a special badge to obtain; black hole armor debris can spend 30 to 60 black holes for the medal.

Heritage armor: our third equipment is heritage armor; these armor suits can find e in the forehead the planet. On the whole, according to the difference of the level and heritage of the different, there are four sets of heritage armor. The four sets of armor respectively is: inheritance-yellow suit, 14-16 level role use; The former right-yellow suit, 29-level 33 characters use; Popularity-orange suit, 10 levels heritage role use; Honour-orange suit, level 20 heritage use role.

War hero PvP armor: The players who like swtor now have a set of new equipment, the new equipment row in we list fourth–war hero armor. Every profession has two different forms: rankings and not ranking. You can use a ranking of the war zone equipment purchase not ranked equipment. As for ranking equipment, players need to spend to compensate the war zone equipment and life a PvP rating to obtain. Weapons, inlays and ear piece no ranking. Core PvP players can buy only by accumulated massive equipment, but if they want to ranking equipment, they must consider their own the ratings.

Heritage shuttle upgrade: the fifth and final equipment is the latest heritage spacecraft to upgrade. If you’re the same with me, you can spend a lot of time on your ship. With a heritage system, you can have some spacecraft good expensive shuttle upgraded, make you operate up some easier. These upgrades requirement lowest level and gold COINS to buy heritage in swtor credits. But now here is good news, once you upgrade it will appear in your entire role on the spacecraft.