The guild expanded by doing a series of mini-quests


After completing the Buyers and Cellars quest, the player can access a small version of the guild. The guild can be expanded by doing a series of mini-quests called capers; there are currently three. To start a caper, talk to Guild master Darren Lightfinger. Completing each caper will result in a larger version of the guild with more activities to do in it, a thieving experience reward, and other rewards. The current capers are: From Tiny Acorns, Lost Her Marbles, and A Guild of Our Own. After the last part is complete, you can talk to the Guild master and ask to use the dummy again. After you offer to show him your tricks you will gain another 2,000 exp.

 Darren again enlists his fellow guild member, the adventurer, on another caper to expand the guild and raise more money. He is paying for a toy dragon made of rubies to be made by Urist Loric, yet is scamming him to make more money for the guild’s expansion. He asks the adventurer to steal the toy and then ask the dwarf to give Darren his money back due to no product being available for Darren. After talking to the local guard, the player finds out the dwarf is obsessed with his strange talisman. The player drops the dwarf’s talisman, and being obsessed with it, the dwarf moves away from the stall to grab it. After swiftly distracting the guard, the player runs over to the dwarf’s stall and steals the toy.

 As part of the scam, demanding the money from the dwarf and giving it to the guild, Darren manages to expand the guild’s training facilities. Volunteers and more thieving masters move in, and another area is constructed. Also, the dwarf opens a new stall selling crafting equipment. Anyway, every player has their own favorite class combinations, these combinations just for your reference, go and find your favorite combinations too quickly. In this like to show you how to master auction house and make them the origin of your cheap gold.