The Free Zone : Two Trends to Watch CloselyThe Free Zone : Two Trends to Watch Closely


While the controversial legislation embodied by both the SOPA and PIPA bills has largely been tabled for now, they are not dead by any stretch. In today’s Free Zone, we take a look at two trends that all who are concerned with government intervention in the Internet need to keep an eye on. See what you think and then add your comments.
After spending millions of dollars lobbying to get them created and to promote them almost into law, the entertainment industry isn’t just going to say “Okay, we tried. We’ll give up now.” So, those who think the war has been won are fooling themselves. In all probability, some form of anti-piracy legislation will still be passed, likely this year. Realistically, the goal is to have it be something reasonable, not disguised and/or barely softened versions of SOPA and PIPA