The Five Reasons that Star Wars: The Old Republic is not Wow

Since the publish of swtor credits, many players often make comparison between swtor and wow. Honestly speaking, the two MMORPG really have much common points. But from the detail saying, the similar places make the swtor credits online game special.

Firstly, dialogue: the big advantage of star wars: the old republic is when playing the game, the change of the dialogue and the way to telling story. Previous MMO game always uses a large number of texts instead of dialogue, so most of the players are the impatient to skip over this dialogue. And all the dialogue in the old republic is all voice acting and complementary with the interaction between players. At last, the plot of the game can easily caught the attention of the players. Based on such meticulous dialogue and interaction, this is the first time that pays attention to the plot development in a MMORPG.

Secondly Companion:  When I hear the news that Bioware bring the swtor credits into the MMO world, I just thinking they will abandon the original AI companion setting. The Results prove that I was wrong; the game allows players to carry a companion (used to be two). Except act as fellow assistant in the fight, when the player enter into a new area, AI companion will provide their own opinions or communicate with other NPC, even to manufacturing task. all manufacturing tasks in swtor give companion that has ensure when players do the task, their produce skills also improved. 

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