The Devil’s Advocate : On MMOs Going SoloThe Devil’s Advocate : On MMOs Going Solo



According to our latest Devil’s Advocate, there is an increasingly prevalent trend for many MMOs to incorporate solo experiences into what is supposed to be a social experience. Whether or not this is a good things will be left to you decide so keep reading! Add your voice to the conversation in the comments.

There is a subtle but distinct trend in the MMO industry towards the “solofication” or “single-playerization” of the MMORPG. MMOs are still generally social experiences, but there are design choices and tweaks to how certain things work that make it easier to think of an MMORPG as a sort of expandable single-player experience. While it’s not exactly a topic of scholarly or philosophical study, it doesn’t mean we can’t shine a light on this shift in the MMORPG. Today’s Devil’s Advocate attempts to look at the main reason people think MMORPGs are becoming Massively Single-Player Online Role-Playing Games… and then throws another idea into the mix for some extra tidbits of thought.

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