The Chosen One to Be Unveiled at GamescomThe Chosen One to Be Unveiled at Gamescom


Eligium – The Chosen One will bring players face-to-face with hordes of demons returning to the surface from their centuries long exile underground, which are intent on spreading fear and terror among the surface-dwellers. It’s now in the hands of the chosen one to reunite the five human nations and stand up to the evil forces rising from below. Eligium – The Chosen One features an atmospheric game world, gloomy dungeons with demanding boss battles and large scale raids, an ingenious PvP and ranking system, open world events, an interesting item upgrade system, and mounts that players can train and watch grow Eligium – The Chosen One offers a world of opportunities and challenges for all kinds of discerning players.
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Former GIGA TV hosts, Florian Kamolz and Michael Bister, will present a diverse program on stage at the Frogster booth highlighting Frogster and Gameforge’s game line-up. Players will get their first glimpse of Tergothen Bay, the brand new region in Runes of Magic. There will be regular dungeon runs giving MMO players a chance to get loads of GW 2 , Eligium – The Chosen One, and Runes of Magic merchandise. At 4:00 P.M. every day particularly special items are up for grabs.