The blue with History record

As the version update, in world of warcraft, epic purple no longer rare, as long as the full level, as long as you are willing to, can easily get the purple dress. But in the ’60 s, at least in the 60 s that just opened, purple outfit for each player is very precious, even some blue, and everybody wants to have, once a level 60 is there are too many classic make you unforgettable. Once these classic, some still keep to now, there have been mercilessly abandoned one by one, even still can brush to, also have already pick up the share of the passions.

Ice Barbed Spear

Many people only know it’s properties, but forgot his specific source, the long handle weapon is not only a well in people’s hand, but the mountain for the first time the memory of the victory. Estimate is blizzard also nostalgia, WLK version and later had a hand in “senior ice barbed spear” weapon, is also a task reward, there are yellow word “100% more cold!”

A qualified soldier wants to go to the MC each essential is that it, brush on rotten black will not care for him. Dragon shield whether its prevention, fire resistance is appropriate. It’s iconic round shield on the modelling of a scorpion’s tail also has created countless personal purple dream.

Double reed

Parley played all sorts of good things, this weapon suit is black as well. But because suit property is very good, and demon, ZS, DZ, LR, crazy things. Legend that if a black team halfway to dissolve, mostly because of its allocation results.