The 1.2 Patch “Heritage “in Star Wars is the most Popular Update

Level 1 running
When the game release, we heard many people complain about the game travel time is too long, in fact I also did. Then I began to rethink before gaining the mount and traffic tools, I usually running all over the world for the tasks and other adventure in star wars: the old republic. So I began to complain about the travel time. No matter appropriate, during the first two years we have been trained. So this aspect can be finished in the top five in Star Wars: the old republic “.

The modification of Produce function
I’ve always hated production, so I don’t know why I did that for many MMO game in the past two years, and the same to Star Wars: the old republic. Unfortunately, the production of game didn’t interest me. However, when Bioware modify the 1.2 update “heritage”, it has a lot of changes, and solves many problems. To be honest, it still hasn’t reached the needed effect, and I really don’t like to play Synthweaving or Armormech as a clown, they really worth to buy!

Novare coast
I like the PvP of catch goal form, but if you have a bad start, then the end of Alderaan is inevitable .Enter into Novare coast, the scenery of the Alderaan looks good.

Legacy systems
Players can get extra experience through inheritance level in Star Wars: the old republic which is the new function in 1.2. Though someone have no goods, but the entire system (the content and potential of the legacy systems) are really hopeful. At present I play the Miraluka Inquisitor that looks very horrible in level 1-10. There are many good things and more exciting content in 1.3 update! 

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