WildStar C.R.E.D.D is finally released

One of the huge features to Carbines business model for WildStar is CREDD, a currency very similar to PLEX in EVE. CREDD can be purchased with real life money and sold in game to a player for in game currency. This allows the seller to gain currency faster and the buyer to pay for their subscription with in game currency.ws credd

Great news to wildstar fans, C.R.E.D.D which You’ve heard about it for months,it is Now Live and Available! Instead of paying the monethly subscription fee, you can use gold earned in-game to purchase C.R.E.D.D from other players through our in-game C.R.E.D.D Exchange.You can then redeem your C.R.E.D.D for another moneth of WildStar game time.You can continue this cyle over and over again .enabling you to “play to pay”for WildStar

Here is how C.R.E.D.D could play outwildstar-creddwildstar creddwildstar creddwildstar creddwildstar credd

– Source from: http://www.wildstarmall.com/news/game-WildStar-1614/WildStar-CREDD-is-finally-released-12338