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Combat Overload

This weekend, spin the Squeal of Fortune and you’ll be in with a chance of winning the newly released TzHaar Whip!

Until now, only those with an Attack level of 70 or higher could wield a whip. The TzHaar Whip changes that: this awesome whip can be used by members from level 1, and now that Yelps has added it to the wheel, anyone can have a crack! Like the shark fists released during Sizzling Summer, the whip can be converted between level requirement tiers from 1-60, so it’ll stay useful as you level.

The whip is a limited edition weapon, and can be won only until the end of December. No need to worry, though; between Friday and Monday there’s an increased chance of getting this unique weapon!

Yelps has another fantastic opportunity for you this weekend. Alongside an increased chance to win the newly released TzHaar Whip, you’ll have an increased chance of taking away pendants of skill related to the more aggressive combat disciplines. Pendants for Attack, Strength, Ranged and Magic are more likely to appear on the wheel, so you can boost your offense as the Evolution of Combat continues to change the combat landscape.

Your increased chance of winning the whip and pendants starts from Friday, December 7th at 00:00 GMT until Monday, December 10th at 23:59 GMT. You’ll be able to win the TzHaar Whip until Monday, December 31st , but this weekend is your best opportunity!

Honestly it’s just more bad content after another.. Where’s the sense of acomplishment now 🙁 

Winter Weekends: Snowman Raids

Every Saturday and Sunday in December has been a Winter Weekend for members, each with their own themed bonus!

For the final weekend, it’s time to take on some snowman raids! An army of snowmen is muscling in on prominent locations across RuneScape’s members’ worlds, and it’s up to you to take them down! Not only will you do battle against a full-blown snowman invasion, you also stand a chance of picking up some valuable drops.

The snowman onslaught will descend upon the following locations:
Varrock, south of the Grand Exchange
Falador, near the south gate
Lumbridge, outside the cow field
Ardougne market
Camelot, near the teleport spot
Gnome Stronghold, outside the Grand Tree
The snowmen will be raiding every hour, on the hour from Saturday 29th December 00:00 GMT until Sunday 30th December 23:59 GMT.
got 100 mahog planks of 1 kill, junk of the rest of the kills I had, pretty much impossible to get many kills with the # of cannon people there are.

Seems like a waste of a weekend to me not that I took part in the last 2 weekends either though.
It’s not even the cannons, its the stupid tagging mechanic. Atleast in camelot, a cannon isn’t really all that helpful because of all the trees where the snowmen spawn. Even if I do 1500/2000 damage some lv 110 who does essentially no damage will get the kill.
Another Epic Fail event by Jagex. Everyone has cannons out and you cant even click on a snowman. Why does Jagex bother doing these events is beyond me but its a fail like their other holiday events. Another fail and this time its big because their are like 100 + at one location (( that is not a raid )). And you cant even click on a Snowman. So why bother going to this fail event ?
Well, this event wasn’t as good as I expected it. It’s a shame, too. I was really looking forward to this event. 

Runescape Quizmas Survey Results

Before Christmas, we held a festive quiz that was streamed live on YouTube, and we asked the RuneScape community to help us generate the questions by completing a short survey about RuneScape stuff, such as “what are your top three updates of 2012?” and “would you prefer a Trolling or Sailing skill?”. It wasn’t an official survey and was designed to collect community sentiment for the quiz, but it really helped. I got some good questions from it, and to those of you who took part, I thank you so much!

Although the survey was intended as a bit of fun to help the quiz, the results were still interesting and we thought you might like to take a look. Check them out here!

All being well, it won’t be long before we delve into your minds again. In the meantime, if you’ve not yet seen Mod Mark take a custard pie to the face, there’s still time! Check out the live stream on our YouTube channel now. 

Random events

Random events will occur while you’re away, and you will determine their outcome by taking the role of a port inhabitant in flashback. You’ll help the Black Marketeer ward off some dangerous debtors, and get the Barmaid through a particularly rough shift, in exchange for items conferring helpful effects, such as temporary stat bonuses for your ships.
Forgotten scrolls, pieced together over the course of your voyages, will unlock the permanent ability for your character to make some of the best food and gear in the game.
Melee fighters will find themselves honour-bound to wear the lordly tetsu armour; eagle-eyed rangers will love the Death Lotus gear; and the elite mage will settle for nothing less than the sea singer’s robes. These come in both tradeable and non-tradeable versions. The non-tradeable versions have even better stats than the tradeable ones, making them not only the best armour in game, but true status symbols for RuneScape’s most dedicated players.
High-level fletchers can also make accessories known as scrimshaws, which fit into a new equipment slot called the pocket. These impart a range of benefits, many of which are geared towards increasing level gain during that steep curve towards level 99.
Finally, RuneScape’s best food – rocktail soup – can also be made in your port’s workshop, if you happen upon the recipe.
Meg – a wannabe adventurer – can be found in the port, regardless of whether you have the levels to take over its management. Even those of you who do not have the levels to own a port will find that you can give Meg adventuring pointers, offering a taster of the player-owned port voyages. Even once you’ve taken control of your port, Meg will still hang around looking for advice – she needs all the help she can get!
Once a week, she’ll ask you a set of questions about adventuring scenarios and then head off to tackle dangerous dungeons and ferocious monsters. Depending on the quality of your advice, she’ll come back bright-eyed and beaming with a healthy cut of her profits for you, or bruised, abashed and with more meagre pickings to offer.
There’s months of amazing content and truly epic rewards here for high-level players, so what’re you waiting for? The East beckons!
Mod Edam, Mod Moltare, & Mod Raven
Where to start Player-Owned Ports:
Access the port via the portal in the northern section of Port Sarim.
Those who meet the requirements listed below can speak to the Partner to start running a port.
All members may speak to Meg for introductory content.
You must be a RuneScape member.
To take ownership of your port, you must have reached level 90 in at least one of the following skills:
More adventurer voyages will become available the more of the above conditions you meet.
If you do not meet these level requirements, you may speak to Meg and offer her advice on her adventures. 

My Owned Ports

Those of you with level 90 in at least one of Fishing, Herblore, Prayer, Runecrafting, Thieving or Slayer (as well as RuneScape membership) can take ownership of your very own port town, accessed via a portal at the north end of Port Sarim. The place has seen better days, but – after a chat with worldly entrepreneur John Strum – you’ll soon have it up and running as a bustling, ever-evolving hub of commerce, sending ships to explore, do battle and find exotic treasures in the Eastern Lands.
If you don’t have the levels you need just yet, you can get a taste of ports gameplay by entering the portal and talking to Meg – a wannabe adventurer seeking advice for her travels.
Once the port’s re-opened, you’ll be the proud owner of one ship. You’ll name her, hire a captain, crew her with an assortment of diversely skilled nautical ne’er-do-wells, and send her off on voyages to the Eastern Lands, with the goal of harvesting the east’s untapped bounty. The likelihood of success depends on how well the skills of your ship’s crew fit the task at hand, and also on how you’ve fitted your ship – for example, you’ll stand the best chance of waylaying a roving band of pirates if you fill your ship with fierce combatants and top-notch cannons.
Voyages will progress in real time. Depending on your success, they can yield resources such as bamboo, spices, chi and lacquer, among others, which can be used to upgrade your port and ships, and to craft amazing new gear for you to wear and food for you to eat.
As your port begins to garner fame, you’ll potentially attract the attention of six powerful individuals, each with their own reasons for travelling back and forth between Misthalin and the Eastern Lands. Once they’ve shown up, you can send them on some of the game’s most rewarding voyages, granting hefty helpings of XP, resources and fragments of scrolls for creating new gear.
Depending on how many of the requisite skills you have at or over level 90, you’ll attract more of these wandering adventurers to your port. For example, 90 Runecrafting will unlock Zu Zu: a classy occultist looking to dispel an insidious curse, and 90 Fishing will unlock Hubbub: a boisterous whaler with scant regard for personal space, who’s dedicated his life to sparring with Shuma: a legendary white whale.
The more you unlock, the more insight you’ll gain into the bizarre and beautiful wonders of the Eastern Lands. Certain adventurers will want to work with each other, so keep an eye out for combination voyages, which culminate with the end of a truly spectacular story arc.
Managing your Port
Using the resources you bring back from the Eastern Lands, you’ll be able to build and upgrade structures within your port. As well as making your port truly distinct, these offer benefits when managing your captains and crews. If you want to attract potential crew members with better-than-average Seafaring stats, for example, adorn your port’s bar with nautical regalia to get the saltiest sea dogs in Gielinor on board.
Your port will grow to be a living town that’s well and truly yours. The content is fully voice-acted throughout, the decor and buildings are of your choosing, and your captains (whose appearance can also be customised) and adventurers can be found at the town bar for a chat. 

Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses (Free-to-Play and Members)
It’s that time of year again: the veil between worlds waxes thin and restless souls wander the night.
No-one’s happier about that than Brother Heinous. This mad monk’s planning to collect the essence of these ghosts to fuel a curse against Falador and Varrock, and he needs a horde of unscrupulous minions to help him gather ectoplasm for his vile ritual. The only foil to his foul plan is Brother Righteous: a Saradominist monk who’s also seeking ectoplasm to strengthen the magical barriers protecting the two towns.
This is where you come in. Once you’ve reported to your chosen monk in either Falador or Varrock, listen out for the global announcements in your chat window every 2 hours, indicating spectral incursions across Gielinor. When this happens, ghosts will spawn in houses across the world. They’re easily exorcised with a right-click and reduced to ectoplasm, but you’ll have to find them first! Speak to the monks for clues, work together with your friends, and get hunting for those haunted houses!
Bring back enough ectoplasm and you’ll not only increase the score of your chosen side – which will be tracked throughout the event by our Community Team – but you’ll also earn points to spend on robes to show off your allegiance to Team Heinous or Team Righteous. The robes’ colours can be switched on the fly, for the morally flexible among you.
Collect the whole set, and you’ll earn the right to buy an ectoplasmator. This strange device will give you Prayer XP for each ghost you kill, much as a bonecrusher would for a creature that drops bones. You can only claim the item while wearing a full set of robes, of a colour linked to the side you’re claiming the item from: wear the unhallowed version to claim it from Brother Heinous, or the hallowed version to claim it from Brother Righteous.
It’s going to be the side with the most support that prevails, so get involved with the community to further your chosen cause! The RuneScape Community Team are running dual campaigns for the duration of this event: Mod Sabre representing the cackling hordes of Team Heinous andMod Mike the dewy-eyed defenders of Team Righteous. Visit your thread of choice to pledge your support.
Mod Wilson
How to start seeking out Haunted Houses
Speak to Brother Heinous or Brother Righteous, in either Varrock Square or Falador Park.
Listen out for announcements every 2 hours and seek out ghosts in the houses of Gielinor. Speak to the monks for clues.
The ghosts can only be seen from close up, and will only spawn in buildings in built-up areas. Team up to find them!
Free players and members alike can participate and claim the cape, but you must be on a members’ world to claim the full set and the ectoplasmator.
Behind the Scenes Video
If you haven’t already, take a tour of Haunted Houses with our latest Behind the Scenes Video:
In Other News