NBA 2K18 Update 1.02 Is Now Available On Xbox One And PlayStation 4

NBA 2K18 is more appealing than previous anticipated, this is one of the most anticipated editions of 2K in a long time. All additions and changes are impressive, this game brings the Neighborhood, NBA 2K18 is seems to be the most complete game. A patch that over four gigabytes can be downloaded, but now, 2K hasn’t fully detailed the patch yet, view more at here.

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One. In addition, NBA 2K18 update 1.02 is now available for players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. According to perception, the patch improved the stability of the title in addition to a number of general improvements to the user experience.

There are a bug in NBA 2K18, this bug deleted players’ MyCareer mode characters, and lost all of their clothing, animations and player badges they had unlocked. The MyCareer mode has received an overhaul in NBA 2K18, now adopting a more freeform experience and has been seamlessly integrated with MyPark and Pro-Am via the newly introduced social hub called The Neighborhood.

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NBA 2K18: The Neighborhood Combines NBA 2K’s The Popular Online Modes

This year, the upcoming basketball simulation video gameplay, NBA 2K18 will introduce a new open world, whether it’s playing games in the park, or just playing NBA games, you are all in this same space, this space called The Neighborhood. According to Bishop, like its name implies, there is a Neighborhood, there is a place where you can run around with different people who are in their MyCareer at the same time as you.

NBA 2K18

In essence, the Neighborhood combines all the popular online modes of the NBA 2K series and jams them into an open world that players can interact in. Ben Bishop said: ” We really just tried to bring everything all together so that you’re all competing at the same time with everyone else, it makes it a much more shared experience than it has been before.”

Senior Producer at Visual Concepts, Ben Bishop, gave us a quick rundown of what to expect from this new feature, reference from here. It’s a known fact that the Neighborhood looks like an ambitious feature, it successfully centralise everything inside of NBA 2K18 around the MyPlayer character and going through modes like MyCareer. The below is the Neighborhood’s video, you can click it to watch details.

This year, players can choose that they want along the way, with release of the Prelude Demo, the demo is available to download from today on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The full game soon to be come in the coming days, are you ready to meet the popular gameplay? If you have not bought NBA 2K18 MT, you could access to U4NBA to get cheap MT.

NBA 2K18: Portland’s All-Time Roster And Player Ratings

NBA 2K revealed some NBA 2K18 main player ratings, at the same time, there are definitely be plenty of other new and improved game modes on this year’s edition of the game. Now, NBA 2K is trying to make major improvements to their game. Now, let’s see players ratings and other information. NBA 2K18 soon to be launched, it’s no wonder then that cheap NBA 2K18 MT for hot sale, but, be sure to access to reliable website such as U4NBA.

NBA 2K18

On Portland’s All-Time roster, we can get more player ratings details. Big Red played four seasons for the Portland Trail Blazers. His stint includes the one championship in Blazers history during the 1976-77 season. Among the Blazer All-Time team, we see Clyde Drexler (96 overall rating) and Bill Walton (95 overall rating) receive some of the highest marks in the game. For old-school player like Walton, it seem that gauging his rating is difficult, but 95 seems reasonable.

Walton, with his 95 rating, is in the company of players like Bob Cousy, Patrick Ewing and Ray Allen. Clyde Drexler on the other hand is one point above Walton at 96. The Glide played 11 and a half seasons with Portland before a trade sent him to Houston. He made eight All-Star appearances in Portland, and is clearly the best Blazer statistically speaking, the amount of career categories he leads the Blazers in is astounding.

Until now, 2K has still yet to reveal the Top 10 small forwards and shooting guards. In addition, the top 10 point guard list is pretty solid, keep an eye on U4NBA and see more player ratings. According to NBA 2K18 art director Joel Friesch, “the thing we’re most excited about is the improved player accuracy, we spent a ton of time this year making every player look and feel like their real life counterpart, down to the smallest details. “

NBA 2K18 Revealed Los Angeles Lakers Franchise Teams

The flagship NBA 2K basketball game series has promised to revive our memories with an ad that is likely to make many nostalgic.

It was Dwyane Wade who revealed his presence on the Miami Heats All-Time team. Alongside the great Shaquille O’Neal, already present at the Lakers, Wade teases us the team of his old franchise.

2K18 Lakers

We are also entitled to the notes of these two players of legends. 97 for Wade, best scorer (with more than double the points scored compared to the second), the best passer and interceptor of the franchise and 89 for that good old Shaq who spent four years at the Heat. The Miami franchise (1988 foundation) should reform the “big three” that won the three NBA titles in its history with Chris Bosh and Lebron James. But we could also see Alonzo Mourning or Tim Hardaway to complete this All-Time Team.

The long-awaited Los Angeles Lakers have just revealed their first seven players. No big surprise so far, purists will appreciate.

From left to right, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain and Pau Gasol. A good team that could grow from Jerry West, Elgin Baylor or Gail Goodrich if we believe the players who stand out behind.

For several years the NBA 2K series is eagerly awaited every season by basketball fans. Every year new features come to enrich the already very complete panel of reference in the field of basketball game. Here it is the emotional sector that should be affected. Indeed, the history of the NBA and its legends will make, once again, their appearances on the floor. But they will not be let loose anyhow! The developers of 2K have indeed announced the arrival of the “All-Time Teams” for NBA 2K18.

Each franchise will therefore be entitled to its “Historical Team” with five majors to make the Golden States Warriors blush. We can not wait to play with the Celtics of Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, Bob Cousy and Bill Russell, or with the Lakers of Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal!

The Trailer Of NBA 2K18 And Its Release Update

There is no doubt that The NBA 2K series is the most successful basketball video game, some entries in the series would easily make the list of best sports games in history. Throughout the years, the NBA 2K video game series has made its name among fans and professionals alike, making it one of the best sports games out there and maybe the best basketball game ever. The best place to buy NBA 2K18 MT, welcome to U4NBA.


Based on NBA 2K17’s released, NBA 2K18 seemed to have improved a whole lot, probably, you have seen the NBA 2K17 trailer, the trailer of the game bascially told us what the game would bringing to us. Hence, with the newest version of this game have highly anticipated, NBA 2K fans are eagerly waiting for the release of NBA 2K18.

The developers is tirelessly woking to make more improvement, and found the spots that needed to be worked on. There are a lot of features we expect from the upcoming NBA 2K18. The fans are going wild as the release date draws nearer and the game is sure to deliver.

Improvements as well as a lot of new features are expected, but what is the extent of this enhancement? What do fans already expect or, better yet, wish for? What can a person expect? More questions are waiting to be answered, there are fully introductions and latest update guides:

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