C Lo Relax Himself by Making CR7 Ad

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CHEAPEST FIFA COINSRecently, the video that Spanish television spoof C Ronaldo has burst of red, while Real Madrid King also launched his own dance, for CR7 boots advertising shoot, played not badly.

C Ronaldo is Nike’s leading spokesman. Nike paid annual £ 5.5 million endorsement fees, but he seemed to not satisfied with boots Nike offer, and vigorously promote his own brand CR7 boots. Recently he was drying out dancing when shooting ads to satisfy fans.

The video recording in the studio under the guidance of a professional, he wore different clothes, dancing, smiling, being in very relaxed atmosph. He also performed a fly kick into the drama. C Ronaldo and his team name his advertisement as “shining in my shoes,” hard to promote his shoes. CR7 brand just listed by heavy resistance. Nike force C Ronaldo offline one shoe, because they think that has direct competition with Nike shoes.

Messi’s American Journey is Valuable

After the Clasico, Messi and Mascherano flew to Washington, and participated in the Argentina team training. In training the day before yesterday, Messi suddenly felt right leg unwell, he left the training ground and immediately went to the hospital to be checked. Messi was injured or not in the end? Cheap FIFA 15 Coins Service on UTfifa15coins.com.

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According to World Sports Daily and Daily Sport newspaper latest news, Messi has personally confirmed that his body does not matter. Argentina’s training base located in the prestigious Georgetown University in Washington. Messi’s arrival detonated local fans enthusiasm. In order to avoid some unexpected accidents, the local strengthen the security forces around the base training. And the local media Washington Post also spent a great length on this Messi’s visit, at the same time stressed: “This is the world’s most famous soccer player.”
Coincidentally, Henry, also played in the end of his career in the United States, had recently commented on Messi. Henry, worked together with Messi at Barcelona, said: “I remember when I first went to Barcelona, Messi had vowed to become the world’s best player in the future when he was just a child.”

Sent my Best Wishes to C Lo: Happy Birthday

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Although always attracted by a lot of criticism, Cristiano Ronaldo can still be that “God” bright man generally. Time rush, he has entered the age of thirty.

On February 5, 1985, Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. 30 years later, he became the world’s football first active rich handsome. He is confident and self-esteem, powerful and fragile, to live out the most authentic himself. Spanning 30 years, C Ronaldo has doomed the legendary road from his childhood. Thirty, Happy Birthday C Lo!
That thirty-year-old man has won countless honors. Peel “Mr. Golden Globes,” the gorgeous coat, you will find that there is a little boy always lived wayward C Lo’s heart. Teacher Floyd called him, “I” , the one will cry, will be howling. Not need to hide emotions, Cristiano Ronaldo is the best present man in live football.
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