Dad and sons playing Fifa online
As much as I love spending time with my two sons, aged 10 and seven, there is a time every evening when I have to leave the room.

This is FIFA 15 time: the video game they nagged and begged Santa to get them for Christmas, and which the great bearded chap duly delivered.

As a technophobic house dad, I haven’t got the faintest idea how to play it, let alone how to beat my boys at it, so I absent myself with a mutter and a mumble about needing to get the dinner on.

But inside, I’m crying. Inside I feel like a Bad Dad. Inside I am desperate to join in AND KICK THEIR SKINNY LITTLE BUTTS!

For I am a competitive dad: I have never, and will never, allow my sons to beat me at ANYTHING – be it Monopoly, or chess, or a bowling, or Buckaroo. Well, it’s character building, innit?

But there is one area I am hopelessly inadequate: video games. And so I bow out from even competing, for fear I will disgrace myself to such an extent that my sons will grow up with an irreparable Superiority Over Their Hopeless Father complex.

And the very real-time illustration of that is FIFA 15.

They play it together, they play it alone, they play it with their mates. But they never, ever play it with me.

Oh yes, they invite me aka invite me to be humiliated. But I always refuse – because I’m scared. Because I have absolutely, literally no idea what the game’s about and feel like, at the age of 50, I’m way to old to learn.

Until now…

For now is the time when the dad will rise, when the humiliation will end and I will triumph over the smugness that has infected my sons over their father’s inadequacy to step up to the plate.

Yes, get ready for conquest, lads, for your Old Man has learned what FIFA 15 is all about and this is what I’ve found. Get ready to rummmmmmmmmbbbbbbbllllllle!

What is FIFA 15?

FIFA 15 is a ‘football simulation video game’ – which means you can play football on screen with computer-generated players while you’re still in your onesie.

Who is it aimed at?

Football-mad children and adults who prefer staying indoors to stripping down to shorts and playing in the howling wind, gloopy mud and frost.

What do you play it on?

PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Why is it so special?

The game features superstar Lionel Messi (who has been the World Footballer of the Year several times) on its packaging and it’s the first FIFA game to be fully licensed by the Premier League (like you care).

How does it work?

All your children’s favourite players are recreated as emoticons in the virtual world. Computer-generated lookalikes of Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Aguero, Diego Costa, even a Joey Barton, pop up before your eyes for you to pick for your perfect team in the hope of trouncing the opposition.

You can access 600 teams, 35 leagues, and 16,000 players, including the four top English leagues, from the Premier League down to League 2.

It offers a range of playing modes: for example, the career mode, which lets you and up to four friends take control of a team of your choosing, playing the matches, managing the team, and bidding on the transfer market; and the Ultimate Team mode – a kind of virtual trading card album, where the cards you get can be used to add players to your team. And you can also buy FIFA 15 Coins to improve your team’s power. That’s nice!

Who are the opposition?

You can connect your hand-held terminal with other players in the same room or online. Or, if you’re Billy No Mates, play against the computer. Set it to easy and you’ll always win, (Any victory’s a plus!)]

And then it gets fun!

With a mere flick of your fingers or a twist of your thumbs, you can make your players race up, down, across (but not under) the pitch. You can make them tackle, shoot, pass, save, SCORE – anything that real life players can do.

It’s as intelligent as, well, us parents!

Just like real life players, FIFA 15 builds in something called ‘Emotional Intelligence’ – which means that when players score a goal, they’ll celebrate just as your heroes do (running around like maniacs with their shirts over their heads for example), and when they miss, they’ll fall to their knees and hold their heads in their hands as if the world’s about to come to an end – all while directing their displeasure or joy for the benefit of the virtual cameras. Just like real life!

What do other parents say?

Writing on Everybody Plays, this reviewer said: “Some people can pick up and play it straight away, but others will struggle to get going, with little in the way of rhyme or reason.

‘With no real basic tutorial to talk you through the controls, and no on-screen indicator to say which way you’re supposed to be going, it can be a bit tricky for young, new players to get going – at least when playing on their own.

“Luckily, with the ability to play on a team with four friends, there’s great potential for a whole family to join in on the fun, helping the younger ones learn the ropes while playing alongside people who can give them a bit of a hand if they struggle.

“That said, despite there being plenty of assists to turn on, letting the computer give you a hand with everything from shooting to passing, you should probably expect the game to have a bit more of a learning curve than you might have thought.”

But not everyone’s a fan!

By and large, FIFA 15 gets rave reviews across the internet, but some say it isn’t realistic enough – that it’s ‘football for the Sky generation – a loud fusion of swooshing camera angles, painstakingly recreated Premier League stadiums, and slick commentary teams who make a point of showing off that their banter is reactive to your team’s on field exploits, discussing your club’s start to the league season or your star striker’s conversion rate’.

This reviewer, from Total Xbox, added: “Even the pretend-crowd are part of the show – for example, when Liverpool close in on a famous win, You’ll Never Walk Alone fills the Anfield air, and lower-league teams on the cusp of a giant killing desperately whistle at the referee in the hope that he’ll reciprocate. It’s an impressive package that perfectly captures the big time feel of a TV broadcast.”

But the gamer concludes: “In all, FIFA 15 is the most realistic sports game ever: the best version of the beautiful game – at least, until FIFA 16.”

I’m off to get my onesie on and kick my sons’ skinny behinds. GAME ON!


Willian struck with less than two minutes remaining to break Everton’s fierce resistance and give Chelsea another precious three points in their quest for the Premier League title. Chelsea appeared set to be pulled back to within five points of Manchester City at the summit, before Willian met a Tim Howard punch out with a firm, precise drive through a crowd of bodies and back past the returning Everton goalkeeper. Seconds after the ball hit the back of the net, Willian was submerged by his teammates at the corner flag, with the jubilation evident at what could prove to be a critical moment in the race to be crowned champions. ( Buy Cheap Fifa 15 Coins Online,We are the Top-rated sellers for cheap Fut coins! )

The goal came just seconds after Gareth Barry had been handed a second yellow card and a red for a challenge on Willian, and after Branislav Ivanovic had perhaps been lucky to avoid a similar fate for an altercation with James McCarthy in the subsequent melee. It was a frenetic climax at Stamford Bridge, with Chelsea having a goal ruled out only moments before when the officials had correctly spotted an offside Ivanovic deflecting in Nemanja Matic’s drive.

Branislav Ivanovic is likely to get a three-match ban for that loss of control when he grabbed the substitute James McCarthy by the neck, then rammed his head into his opponent, as the two sets of players argued over the challenge from Gareth Barry that brought the Everton player’s second yellow card to end his night prematurely.

The referee, Jon Moss, also booked McCarthy, Ramires and Cesc Fàbregas for their parts in the confrontation and both teams stand to face a separate FA charge for not controlling their players, but the most important detail came next.

Fàbregas aimed the free-kick into the penalty area and it was Ivanovic who headed it on. Tim Howard punched the ball clear but Willian was lurking 20 yards from goal. His shot was struck with power, from the outside of his boot, but it was the deflection off Steven Naismith that helped it into the bottom corner and had Mourinho talking of a “beautiful” win.

Insane EA Released Fifth Batch Transfers on FIFA 15

EA has released the fifth batch of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers with only five new players’ cards: Ibarbo, Lennon, Doumbia, Cuadrado and Schurrle.


EA Sports have released the fifth batch of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers.

Remember that in order to get one of these new cards, you will have to get them in packs or buy them in the market house. The existing players’ cards do not update. They just stop to be released in packs.

Here it is the complete list of the fifth batch of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers:FIFA 15

FIFA 15: FUT Transfer Updates give us a surprise


Fans of FIFA are chomping at the bit as the January transfer window comes to a close and the January update release date edges closer.

As the window grows older more transfers are made between clubs, and a FIFA fan’s game becomes more and more out of date. This is an obvious frustration that leaves millions tearing their hair out as they frantically edit their game’s squads, trying to keep up.

This makes the day that FIFA releases the January update all the more special. It’s bigger than Christmas, really.

However, this year, EA Sports has taken the unprecedented step of releasing a number of high profile transfers early to appease the undoubted high number of disgruntled gamers all over the world.

This newest update, released on January 29, is the fourth update we’ve had already, and we’re not even in February yet! This is more like it, FIFA.

The biggest moves that have been updated so far include: Wilfried Bony, Fernando Torres, Christian Rodriguez, Jermain Defoe, Xherdan Shaqiri, Rasmus Elm and Florent Malouda.

Normally, and very frustratingly, we are forced to wait for up to a week after Big Ben strikes 12:00am on January 31 for the update to be released.

The winter window is a tad skewiff all over Europe this year as every major league’s transfer period ends at different times. This made the release date of the update very much uncertain.

Many expected it to arrive on February 7 but EA has already quashed those rumours by releasing these world stars early.

Here are the 10 biggest deals that have been released in the latest update. So you can buy FIFA Coins to get them, Their performance will not let you be disappointed!

10. Marco Djuricin



Current Club: Red Bull Salzburg

Previous Club: SK Sturm Graz

Position: ST

Age: 22

The Austrian is rebuilding his career after a difficult spell in Germany. 17 goals in 36 league games prompted Salzburg to splash the cash.

9. Darío Benedetto



Current Club: América

Previous Club: Tijuana

Position: ST

Age: 25

The rapid firing forward was simply too good for the middle of the Mexican league so a move to a higher levelled club was always on the cards. There’s little doubting that his goalscoring will continue.

8. Yannick Djaló



Current Club: Mordovia Saransk (loan)

Previous Club: Benfica

Position: RM

Age: 29

The one time Portugal international has had a storied career for date having represented both Benfica and their great rivals Sporting Lisbon. Having failed to make the grade at either club, he’s looking to settle in Russia with Mordovia.

7. Koen Casteels



Current Club: Werder Bremen (loan)

Previous Club: VfL Wolfsburg

Position: GK

Age: 22

The former Belgian youth international joined Wolfsburg’s Bundesliga counterparts Bremen on load to act as cover. Wolfsburg themselves only signed the former Hoffenheim man this month.

6. Royston Drenthe



Current Club: Kayseri Erciyesspor

Previous Club: Sheffield Wednesday (loan)

Position: RM

Age: 28

The former Real Madrid man’s career continues to nose dive as he couldn’t cut it in the English Championship. Reading loaned the Dutchman to their divisional rivals Wednesday but after that loan didn’t work out, he has been shipped out to Turkey on a permanent deal.

5. Gustavo Colman



Current Club: Rosario Central

Previous Club: Trabzonspor

Position: CM

Age: 29

The Argentine midfielder made a return to his homeland with Rosario after six years in Turkey.

4. Damien Perquis



Current Club: Toronto FC

Previous Club: Real Betis

Position: CB

Age: 30

After a career that reached every corner of Europe, the Poland international has settled for a lesser standard of football with an undoubtedly bigger payday.

3. Maurício dos Santos Nascimento


Current Club: Lazio                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Previous Club: Sporting Lisbon                                                                                                                                                                                                

Position: CB                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Age: 26

The man more commonly known as Maurício joined the Italian giants Lazio after two years in Portugal.

2. Cristian Rodríguez



Current Club: Parma (loan)

Previous Club: Atletico Madrid

Position: LM

Age: 29

After two-and-a-half very successful years in Spain, the Uruguay international has been shipped off to Italy on loan till the end of the season.

1. Samuel Eto’o



Current Club: Sampdoria

Previous Club: Everton

Position: ST

Age: 33

The former Barcelona man shockingly cut shot his spell at Goodison Park and joined a middle of the road Italian side. Eto’o had been doing relatively well, scoring four goals in 20 appearances for the Toffees.


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FIFA 15: We are shocked by the last minute of Transfer Update


We now have 24 hours to go until FIFA 15 players find out which big names have made the surprise move to a different club at the last minute.

We can see that many gamers are asking what time does the transfer window shut in UK and for those that are still not aware, it’s 11pm GMT on Monday February 2.

EA Sports has kept the numbers so low on purpose, or so it seems. They want to get you spending you hard earned FIFA 15 coins on stuff that arguably should be in the game already.

As always, EA will be keeping a close eye on the action as they prepare to put the FIFA 15 transferred players into the database as soon as possible.

The developer has been very swift this year, by moving players around almost instantly after they have moved – we saw evidence of this with the likes of Wilfried Bony and Samuel Eto’o, who are now no longer at Swansea and Everton respectively.

The question is, who are you expecting to see in a last minute FIFA 15 deadline day transfer update? There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Danny Ings to Liverpool, while Manchester United fans may not be happy to hear that Januzaj may be moving to Everton on loan.

Meanwhile Chelsea FC fans are sweating on a possible Juan Cuadrado deal and Man City may be trying to secure a move for Real Madrid’s Pepe.

Either way, this is one of the most exciting days to be a FIFA 15 player. If you are keeping an eye on the latest transfer rumors, let us know your last minute predictions and who you want to see at your club. So you can buy FIFA 15 Coins to get them, Their future will not let you be disappointed!

“The Nights” by Avicii enters the UK top ten by right of FIFA 15


Swedish uber DJ Avicii breaks the UK Top 10 through PlayStation’s FIFA 15 game alone. With absolutely no radio support and through being on FIFA 15 alone Avicii’s ‘The Nights’ is now currently at #8. It is also part of Avicii’s new album Stories to be releases later this year.

The songs success is purely down to FIFA gamers, PlayStation fanatics and Avicii’s core fans. The UK impact date for ‘The Nights’ is 23rd Feb.

Initially EA Sports announced that Avicii was debuting a brand new track called “The Nights” exclusively on FIFA 15. After subtly releasing ‘The Nights’ on iTunes it rapidly climbed the top 200 to #16 – with very little radio love, the fans are reacting and the stats speak for themselves”.1

It already boasts well over an incredible 28.5 million streams via Spotify and The Nights from Avicii new album ‘Stories’ is due later this year.

If you take a look at the UK charts you can see ‘The Nights’ is currently sitting at Number 8, even the YouTube video is doing well since being published with it being watched more than 12.2 million times.

The major success also comes when The Nights was featured on FIFA‘s 2015 official soundtrack among Fatboy Slim, Madeon, A-Trak, Dirty South, Tensnake and more. The game was released in September 2014 and Avicci’s last album ‘True’ sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ was the fastest selling record of 2013, charting at #1 in 84 territories.

Follow Avicii for updates, photos and news via his social media channels: Website/ Facebook / Twitter / YouTube. Buy ‘The Nights’ over on iTunes – Now go watch the video below, have fun.

The answer on the fifacoinsfut.org: What Platfrom can be better to Run FIFA 15

It’s said that sports games do not make it big when it comes to graphical fidelity and excellence these days. The said notion is not only being debunked, but utterly destroyed; leading the forefront of that assault is the FIFA series. FIFA has been the touchstone for sports games for a while now, and with their latest entry, – FIFA 15 – EA Canada has made a new benchmark, well above the expectations of fans and critics. FIFA 15 takes advantage of the new consoles to the full extent and looks beautiful, to say the least.

With a plethora of crafty new refinements and tweaks, the game takes a huge leap towards realism. It may be that you may not even notice a handful of changes made in the heat of the game, but this is exactly what makes the game so excellent.

Before we conclude anything, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration because the winner is not only about the best looking game but also the one that offers most frame rates. Most gamers obviously know that PC could surpass everything else in this regard because of the superior hardware rig but the other versions are now equally competitive because of the next gen hardware on the consoles.

Frame Rate Test Results

Frame rates always matter and if you wish to enjoy a sports game as FIFA 15 at its best, it should render the best frames in every situation, be it a crowded scenario when all players are on screen or when you are near the goal post with the opponent team surrounding it, the frames shouldn’t drop which is mandatory for a satisfying experience.

It is great to know that both consoles offered a solid 60 FPS throughout the game without any drop at all except for the goal celebrations which doesn’t count as you are not actually playing it. However, visually the Xbox One looked bit superior.

Comparing with PC Edition

The same engine has been used by EA for FIFA 15 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. But, the game looks different on each one of these platforms. If you are looking for the best color and contrast ratio, the Xbox One edition is surely the best of the console counterparts. However, in terms of smooth edges, better player faces and anti-aliasing, the PC version easily wins the fight. The frames per second were good on all platforms which means you don’t have to worry about losing a kick or a goal shot because of lag.

Playstation 4 had a great hardware at the beginning, but it looks like Xbox One has caught up recently. Playing FIFA 15 on Xbox One seems the best choice unless you love it on a PC with a controller.

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The Q3 FY15 Financial Results were released by Electronic Arts


Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) today announced preliminary financial results for its third fiscal quarter ended December 31, 2014.

“Electronic Arts delivered amazing experiences to our players in Q3, from the award-winning Dragon Age: Inquisition to SimCity BuildIt to our live services for FIFA, Madden NFL and more,” said Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson. “Great execution with our leading IP, new mobile hits and continued strength in our catalogue of top games and services were the foundation for an excellent performance in Q3.”

“EA has driven another quarter of record-breaking financials,” said Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen. “Our ongoing digital transformation, including live services like EA SPORTS Ultimate Team, coupled with ongoing cost discipline, enables us to deliver consistent cash flow and earnings growth.”

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Get Free Gold Packs for FIFA 15 Mobile Players

fifa 15 newsIn December 2015, EA Mobile is celebrating an incredible milestone – their two billionth mobile game download. To put that into some fun perspective, even if you were to download one game per second, 24 hours a day – it would still take you 63 years to hit this number!

As a thank you to their players, they’re giving away more than two billion free gifts across many of their most popular mobile games from December 1 through December 17, 2014.

Play any of the participating games below from the App StoreSM, Google Play or Amazon before December 17 to collect special in-game goodies, from the Ice Burrrst Rare Gem in Bejeweled? Blitz to a thumping stereo for The Sims? FreePlay or the most played FIFA mobile ever.

Let’s see what you can win in December just by playing one of these video games in your mobile device:
Madden NFL Mobile (App Store, Google Play) – Booster Pack (gold, silver, and bronze players)
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (App Store, Google Play) – Free Gold Packs (Dec. 8- 17 only)
The Sims FreePlay (App Store, Google Play) – Thumping Stereo
Bejeweled Blitz (App Store, Google Play) – Ice Burrrst Rare Gem
Monopoly Slots (App Store, Google Play) – Coins (Dec. 11-15 only)
Heroes of Dragon Age? (App Store, Google Play) – 10,000 Gold per day
Tetris Blitz (App Store, Google Play) – 10,000 Coins

The most popular mode in the FIFA franchise, FIFA Ultimate Team is at the centre of the mobile experience this season. With more than 80 per cent of FIFA 14 mobile fans playing FIFA Ultimate Team or Matches of the Week, the game is focused on combining innovative game play while enhancing the managerial experience of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mobile. To do that this season, the game comes with two modes on mobile – FIFA Ultimate Team and Matches of the Week – and brings new ways to play the game – Quick Simulation, Classic or Casual Controls, and new controller support.

If you play FIFA 15 Ultimate Team in your mobile device, don’t waste the chance to get free gold packs.Enjoy your game!

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