SWTOR’s Patch 2.3 Role-Neutral Content

Greetings fellow TORWarriors! The other day I posted the most recent patch notes for

Game Update 2.3: Titans Of Industry which is currently on the Player Test Server (or

PTS for all you newcomers).  In reading through them it got me thinking. So, I

thought I’d grab a patch note or two from the PTS notes and live game and give my

opinion on what I think it potentially means for SWTOR, a particular play style, or

whatever else comes across remotely interesting to you fine readers. Obviously, a
A little sabacc never hurt anyone. ;)
good portion of what you’ll read is my opinion. Please also bear in mind that what

you see on the PTS and its patch notes could change if BioWare’s dev team deems it

so. With that being said, any and all feedback is more than welcome and you can put

that in the comments section below. Let’s get on with it then, shall we?

Last week, BioWare released the Patch Notes for Game Update 2.3: Titans of Industry.

Although the notes are for the Public Test Server only, even as I posted that news

article, one thing above all else stood out to me: role-neutral story mode


With this update, a role-neutral SM option for the new level 55 flashpoints really

piqued my interest. The way I understand it, keeping in mind I don’t currently have

a max level toon on the PTS to see the mode first-hand, is that it is an elder game

experience designed to form quick flashpoint  groups without the need to wait for a

specific role to be filled.

This means that two DPS players won’t have to constantly spam general chat to find a

tank and/or a healer. Another plus to this option is that queue times should be

almost non-existent.
It’s too bad we can’t just queue with all DPS. This is taking forever! 

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