Swtor We Are the World of Warcraft

Through good times and bad, victories and cataclysms, Fortitude buffs and stun

locks, we are a vibrant and time-tested community—we are the World of Warcraft.

Late-night host Jimmy Fallon gets it . . . and even wrote a song about it! “We Are

the World of Warcraft” made its worldwide debut Tuesday night on NBC’s Late Night

with Jimmy Fallon during the show’s annual post-E3 “Video Game Week.” This musical

nod to the WoW community includes cameos by Felicia Day, Chris Hardwick, and many

other of your WoW Power Leveling playing peers. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who was willing to not only participate in this bit, but wear

their inner geek on their sleeves. And special thanks to Jimmy Fallon, the Roots,

John Wyatt Haskell, Gavin Purcell, Justin Ulbrich, and the rest of the staff at Late

Night for approaching us with this crazy-fun idea and making it a reality!

Well, this is firstly to Blizz, thanks for this game. Ive been playing or watching my

dad play ever since Burning Crusade. And even after today when i graduate i will keep

it up. And to Jimmy, thanks for not calling us all mindless computer slaves like all

the rest do.

This was such a great opportunity to show how many of us still love the game! It is

more than gear , grinding and progression to allot of us players. We come for that

yes, but we stay for the friendships we are lucky to form along the way! Honored to

have been a part of it!

I’ve been playing wow since 3 weeks after launch… I have not stopped once or had a

bad feeling about this game. It has gotten me through some rough times especially

after a bad day at work, I can just come home and relax and play not worrying about

anything else. I will play this game on my wow powerleveling until the last person

goes off. Thank you so much for the BEST GAME EVER!! Blizzard

Always has. i think i almost laughed like sorta maybe at one point, but, not really

you know, like, when you feel uncomfortable cause someone is like way fudgin up,

though they think they’re flyin, but reallyou know they stinking ! and they just

don’t see it and it makes you kinda jittery and slanty face, like one side is sorta

smiling and the other is more like frowning, and then – you giggle. Yeah, that’s how

i fealt at one point when i was sorta laughing at what that very mediocre host person

was doing with his video thing that he posted up at the top of thispage, you should

check it out, it’s awesome.

I can’t find a better game. Try as I might, despite RPG’s and FPS’s of varying

calibre, I will always consider this my world…. of warcraft. I’ve been into this

game since the beta launch and I’m sticking with it. Go Blizzard.
I’ve been playing WoW Power Leveling since 1.3 and can say I feel proud to have been

a part of this experience for such a long time. Thank you Blizzard for keeping this

game always exciting and engaging. Whenever I was having a bad day at work or just

life in general, I knew I could rely on WoW to take me away from those problems. This

isn’t just a game it’s a world that takes you away from the sometimes crappy RL stuff

or just a good game to make new friends on. Thanks again Blizzard, you have a long

time and loyal customer right here! Now join Powerlevelaion site, Powerleveling

service is online all the time.