SWTOR Voidstar and Huttball Guide

In the Voidstar, if you see someone planting or defusing the bomb, try to engage enemies so that they face away from the objective. This way they’ll be focused on you and your teammate will have a better chance of defusing / planting undetected. If you see an enemy making for your teammate, try to interrupt him or stun him.

In the Voidstar, if your team is on defense and the enemy blows through one of your doors, do not stick around to fight. Try to make your way through the blown doors to defend the next set of objectives. It is entirely possible for an aggressive team to get “caught” behind the objective line. From here, the attacking team can simply blitz through to plant bombs while the defending team struggles to catch up.

In Huttball, it is possible to easily score the ball multiple times by having a stealth player sit on the top ledge of the enemy side, waiting for a pass. Simply grab the Huttball, run straight up the lower ramp by the acid pool, and throw the ball up to your waiting teammate on the ledge. From there, he or she simply needs to run down the ramp to score the ball.

In Huttball, avoid throwing all of your stuns on the enemy ball carrier if they are in no danger. This builds their resolve and can lead to them being immune to crowd control effects when they make a real push to score the ball. Alternatively, a great strategy as a tank is to get the Huttball, stand under a ledge, and build your resolve by getting stunned. Once your resolve meter is full, jump to an enemy on a ledge and run the ball in without worry of being pushed off or stunned on a fire panel.

As a final follow-up point for Huttball, if the enemy ball carrier is standing under a ledge or in the pit by your goal, do not stand on the edge to attack him. Smart ball carriers are just waiting for someone to jump on with the ball, and by standing in a safe area, you may be giving him an out.

In the Alderaan Civil War, the side turrets are the best turrets to have. Once you cap a side turret, your team can take the far left or the far right speeders (respectively) in order to take a direct path to the turret. If you do not control the side turret, the far left / far right speeders disappear, forcing you to ride a speeder to the middle of the map before you run to the turret. In other words, holding a side turret means that you can defend and reinforce that turret faster than the enemy team.