SWTOR Update Legions Of Scum And Villainy

From the official news we know that SWTOR game update 2.2.2: Legions of Scum and Villainy will be released very soon. Different from update 2.2, the main goals in the latter update is to defeat the Hutt Cartel’s ruthless mercenaries and beasts. More coordination and endurance will be required as what you are going to meet is a troop of enemies instead of single beast. Consequently, learning how to cooperate is one of the most weights for you to achieve your goal in 2.2.2. Here are some tips that we’d like to give you and hope to do you favors.

Joining into a guild is the best way to start your conquering trip
In game update 2.2, abundant rewards would be given as long as you join into a guild or you recruit a new member for your team. This is attractive to those who want to gain more Reputation experience or Guild Bonus. However, those attracting bonus should not be your final motivation to join into a guild. Being a member of a guild means that you need to cooperate with other players. You fight as a team instead of soloing in the game. Guild is the best way to make you stronger and more courageous than before.

Clear objective is the premise to cooperate well in a team
Reaching a consensus on the common objective is the premise to cooperate well in a team. Just as the saying goes if people are share of the same mind, their sharpness can cut through metal. When my friends and I fight with the first boss: The Writhing Horror in update 2.2: TFB, I teamed ten players in my guild. And we divided into three groups. Four Jude Guardian charged for the melee attack and two of us were responsible for healing and the others were sent to attract boss’s attention. We used less than 15 minutes to conquer this boss, much earlier than two hours the presupposed time by the developers.

Specific and defined roles are the guarantee to achieve the common goal
After reaching a consensus in your guild, every member should specify and define his role clearly. It is impossible to ask for the exact same level among different players even though in the same guild. Players are different in level or career. Some are good at melee attack, some are good at healing, some are good at attracting boss’s attention and some are good at using heavy armors.

Real time exchange is a favorable factor for cooperating
In Star Wars, the Real dialogue system is one of the biggest features in this game. It can be used to do the real time exchange with your companions. Once you meet any troubles or any good ideas, you can share with your team mates immediately. This is a direct, fast and clear way to inform or to be informed any dangers around you.

In brief, you need to pay full attention when you fight in the nightmarish battle. These tips are my personal suggestions concluded from my earlier experience from update 2.2: Terror From Beyond. I hope they would bring you some hints before you meet those mercenaries and beasts in 2.2.2.