SWTOR Update 2.4.1 Patch

Several aspects of SWTOR have been contained in this great patch notes: Bounty Contract Week, new items, upcoming Embargos, companion characters, flashpoints and operations, and more. Here we will generally talk about some main points you should pay attention to:


1. Both Priority Transport Terminals on the Republic Fleet and the “Area Loot” Preference now can function well.
2. As for Bounty Contract Week, you can buy the new vehicle – Praxon Aether and a new mminipet – Frosted Raptor from the Bounty Brokers Association Galactic Reputation vendor, and they can be exchanged respectively as 50 completed Bounty Contracts and 25 completed Bounty Contracts.
3. In Cartel Market, the New Bounty Pack -The Tracker’s Bounty Pack – can now be previewed in Collections and will be available on October 21st worthing 320 Cartel Coins. Several Contraband Packs will no longer be available on the Cartel Market in the near future.
4. Some changes also happened in Dread Fortress, such as Corruptor Zero , the Gate Commander Draxus and Dread Master Brontes changed to some extent.

Great news to all Star War: The Old Republic warriors! Today, we will introduce the great swtor game update 2.4.1 to you, which really has cost great efforts and long time of the swtor developer. Have you thought about what will you get from the future swtor? If not, let’s have a look at the latest swtor that you will experience. With cheap fast swtor credits, you can enjoy the new Minipet and new vehicle mentioned in this patch note.

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